Isaac Gilman

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Isaac Gilman
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First Mention Last Mention
The Mad Scientist We Have A Plan
Character information
Age Deceased
Date of Death December 31st, 2006
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Unknown

Isaac Gilman was a geneticist first mentioned by Daniel in The Mad Scientist. After decoding a message from Bree's dad, Daniel, Jonas and Sarah were able to find Gilman's name in a box left for them at the site of the camp play.

When Daniel tried to find him at the Wyman Foundation in San Diego, the receptionist simply said that there was no Dr. Gilman there. When the gang did further research and went to his health club, they met his former mistress who revealed that Gilman had been killed December 31, 2006, in a car accident on his way to pick up his son, Spencer.

On the day of his death, Gilman was planning to meet with Bree's dad (Drew Avery); Avery also died that day. It is speculated that both Gilman and Avery were killed because they were going to inject Bree with a serum in an attempt to make her "Trait Negative," and therefore undesirable to the Order.

The mistress went on to say that she and Gilman were together for ten years until the day he died, and that although he was married, the marriage was horrible.

It was later disclosed that Isaac's lab assistant at the Wyman Foundation many years ago was Dr. Calvin Hart, a Doctor who helped Jonas and Emma learn more about turning trait negative, but that Gilman and Hart ended up being rivals to each other when Dr. Hart moved to Verdus Pharmaceuticals to work.


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