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Parent series lonelygirl15
Created by Gregg Moscot
Jack Eddie Asher
Taylor Becki Kregoski
Production Crew
Executive Producers Miles Beckett
Mesh Flinders
Greg Goodfried
Producer Gregg Moscot
Supervising Producer Mary Feuer
Director Miles Beckett
Camera Operator Miles Beckett
Writers Mary Feuer
Mesh Flinders
Jan Libby
Editor Kevin Schlanser

Watchyourjack was a lonelygirl15 mini-series that ran from November 19th, 2007, until February 10th, 2008. Watchyourjack's plot focused around the troubles of a boy named Jack who could teleport. He was chased by Paladins who wanted to kill him and ran to Zavalla, Texas to enlist Taylor in the fight against the Paladins. Meanwhile, Suzie moderated the forums where many canon lonelygirl15 and KateModern characters commented.

Watchyourjack was created by Gregg Moscot, and was integrated with the movie "Jumper".

Cast of characters

  • Eddie Asher as Jack, a boy on the Internet whose claims that he can teleport make him a target for "Paladins". He is unpopular, and vlogs as a way to relieve the stress of his school and family life.
  • Becki Kregoski as Taylor Genatiempo, a member of TAAG who who reached out to help Jack when he has nowhere else to turn. She is somewhat unnerved by Jack's interest in her, and becomes visibly distressed when he goes missing.
  • Suzie, the unseen site administrator of who believes the ghost of her grandmother is telling her to help Jack. Her beliefs cause tension between her and her parents, and ultimately result in her being sent to boarding school.
  • Sharon, Suzie's unseen best friend with a crush on Jack who believes she was Joan of Arc in a past life. She begins to maintain the site after Suzie is forbidden from accessing it, but is later blocked by Suzie's parents as well.
  • Paladins, Mysterious hunters who have begun to hunt for Jack, but may not be what they are assumed to be. A Paladin is seen onscreen standing outside of Jack's house, and carries some kind of staff.
  • Gran, Suzie's deceased grandmother whose possessions reveal a connection to the supernatural both before and after death. Suzie believes that she is being contacted by her ghost, and that she wants Suzie to help Jack.

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