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Welcome to the Lurker Fan Club page

This club was created with one purpose in mind; to pay homage to one of the most extraordinarily intelligent (and loved) posters on the LG15 forums...Lurker.

If you are spellbound with the totally awesome Lurker, then you are welcome here.

As most of us know, Lurker has an incredible talent for analyzing information, and then breaking it down to where we lowly mortals can understand it. His logic and critical thinking abilities are beyond compare. All hail Lurker!

If you would like to join this club, simply add your name to the member list below.

Lurker Fan Club thread

Member information:




  • Aithne
  • Joygasm
  • Polkadotconfederation
  • Cloud_ax
  • Particular
  • Consideration
  • betz28
  • Chelseyrl
  • mellie3204
  • Jo_16_2
  • Colbertnationgirl
  • Libra
  • sack36.............age:55
  • nicole_x
  • Languorous Lass
  • ApotheosisAZ
  • robtomorrow
  • LesterG
  • Kellylen
  • Sim7lizard
  • PixieSailor
  • ladysolitary85 aka codenameladysolitary
  • DoktorBob
  • megs229
  • The_CW
  • Mystico
  • EcholaliaRicochet
  • TheAnie
  • itsmeforreal
  • Legnanellaf
  • Magesa
  • Spades
  • RupaZer0
  • Charles Phoenix

What do you love about Lurker?

  • I love his amazing brainpower. He is incomparable when it comes to analyzing information and he is a wonderful friend.--longlostposter
  • Lurkers brain fascinates me.--Aithne
  • Lurker always seems to post what I'm thinking. He also clarifies what I say without even realizing it. --Chelseyrl
  • Ah Lurker: writer of the posts you always _have_ to read in any given thread.--mellie3204
  • Lurker is an incredible person. His writes the most thoughtful, intelligent posts, and on top of it all, he's a real sweetheart! --Polkadotconfederation
  • Lurkers amazing ability to remember the minutest detail of every Lonelygirl15 video ever posted.--robtomorrow
  • I love the way that everytime I think I have my favorite quote by him, he says something even better.--Mystico
  • Lurkers ability to promote higher order thinking by challenging our posts. --Aithne
  • Lurker is the only person who has changed my original opinion about something. --sack36
  • Lurker is incredible and he says exactly what I'm thinking most of the time. He has a big heart and isn't afraid to say whats on his mind. --Ladysolitary85
  • I love Lurker's Trunks avatar, and that it hasn't changed once since since I've been watching the LG 15 forums. Trunks is cool! Also, I love the irony of his name, seeing as he is one of the most active members of LG15. --EcholaliaRicochet
  • Lurker has the ability to turn bad Star Wars parallels into great moments of hilarity --Charles Phoenix
  • How could you not like this guy? --Spades

Memorable Lurker quotes and events:

  • "The mental image of them all on a roller coaster with Jules still tied up = hilarity"

-Lurker referring to the video, It's Not Kidnapping.

  • Kittenish Trance: Wow, you really hate Bree.

Lurker: "Hate" is a strong word. But not strong enough. Let's go with "abhor," "detest" or "loathe."

-Lurker, in response to the video A Solid Lead

  • Lurker:Thanks, guys. I'm really touched. E-hugs to you all.

Cloud_ax: but not to me, maybe a e-hand shake will do.

Lurker: You'll take the hug and like it, dammit.

-Lurker, referring to the formation of this fan club

  • In that spirit, to those who have objected to the treatment of P. Monkey in this video, I say: Shame on you! Unless you have some kind of monkey puppet telepathy, how dare you speak for him! He may well have loved every second of it. Though I can only speak for myself, considering that he got to be smacked around, kissed and shoved into her cleavage, I myself envy him. Yet here you folks go speaking for him without knowing his mind ... er, cotton deposits. This may well have been the most fulfilling moment of his stuffed life, yet instead of celebrating his happiness, you're raining on his parade. May guilt and shame take you all!

-Lurker, referring to the recent misinterpretations of P.Monkey smiling while with Sarah.

  • I started disliking her passionately in November, reviling her in December, and by January I had begun to find her existence offensive.

-Lurker's view on Bree

What would you like to say to Lurker?

  • You the man!!--longlostposter
  • Thank you for being awkesome.--consid
  • You are the walking encyclopedia.--Aithne
  • You frickin rock my bonbons off.--PolkadotConfederation
  • Lurker rocks my cock and his avvie is cool too. --LesterG
  • Have you seen my etchings? --sack36
  • You win the Congressional Pedal of AWESOMENESS. --The_CW
  • Yay Lurker, yay... :D --EcholaliaRicochet
  • The things you say are dead and completely hilarious.--Mystico