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Mr. Banks
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Mr. Banks was Daniel and Mallory's film professor at the Junior College. After Daniel, Jonas, Sarah, and Emma were in Arizona for two weeks, Mallory worried how Daniel would be able to keep up with his class. She said that she had spoken to Mr. Banks, who told her that Daniel needed "to hit a home run on [his upcoming project] in order to pass the class." At this warning, Daniel decided to work hard on his project, but did not end up with a very good final result.

Mallory spoke to Mr. Banks and found out that he was ready to fail Daniel on the spot. He said that "Daniel needs to commit to film-making, or just quit wasting his time." However, she begged him and was able to get an extension on the project until Friday, October 5th, 2007. Mallory then issued a plea to all of Daniel's online friends to help him create a better project. She said it wasn't cheating because technically the project was a "group project."

However, Daniel did not know of Mallory's plan, and when asked by Jonas about whether he was worried about his project, Daniel replied that he did not believe he would be allowed back in class.

Luckily, forty-three people submitted videos, and ultimately a version by ElizKM86 was chosen. It is currently unknown how Mr. Banks responded to this new video.

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