My First Grown-Up Party

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LonelyJew15 Video 0039
My First Grown-Up Party

Dr. Bethany is thirsty

Blogger Anne
Date Posted February 7th, 2008
Description Champagne is delicious...but why do I have such a headache this morning?
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 greggerz19 jerry kitty party anthony hammy micfranxon immortal1 kira champagne anne frank bethany
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Jenni Powell and Adam Daroff
Director(s) Adam Daroff
Story Jenni Powell and PJ Scott-Blankenship
Editor(s) Adam Daroff
Anne Jenni Powell
Kitty Amanda Goodfried
Anthony Anthony Delosa
Partygoer Mike Frankson
Jerry Jerry Wright
Princess Kira Lobenstein
Partygoer Ani Stephanian
Greggerz Greg Gallows
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My First Grown-Up Party is the thirty-ninth video in the LonelyJew15 video series. It is also the fourteenth video of season two.


(Anne sticks her tongue out at the camera and makes a "woah" noise. Cut to Anne and Kitty, and Kitty motions whomever is holding the camera to follow them as they approach Anthony and another party guest.)

Kitty: Anthony, I'd like you to meet my friend Anne, Anne… Smith. She's visiting from out of the country.

Anthony: Nice to meet you Anne.

Anne: Nice to meet you sir!

Anthony: Please, call me Anthony. Call me Anthony.

Anne: Okay Anthony.

Kitty: Okay, come on Anne, I have some other people I'd like you to meet.

(Cut to Jerry, Princess, Kitty, and two unnamed party guests watching Anne open a bottle of Champagne. It sprays and everyone squeals and laughs. Cut to Kitty handing Princess a glass of extremely bubbly Champagne. Cut to Anne and Kitty talking in a corner as Jerry approaches them with the camera.)

Kitty: Yeah.

Anne: I love pillow fights. This is going to be so much fun.

Kitty: Yay!

Jerry: What are you guys talking about?

Kitty: Hey Jer. Just, you know, girl stuff.

Anne: We're going to have a sleepover later.

Jerry: Great.

Kitty: Here Jer, let me take that.

(Kitty takes the camera from Jerry and he goes to where she was standing.)

Kitty: Now you two have fun okay, but not too much fun.

Anne and Jerry: (Looking a bit uncomfortable and confused) Okay.

(Cut to Anne walking out of a room.)

Anne: I don’t know where Bethany is. I think I misplaced Bethany somewhere.

(Cut to Jerry lying on a round chair.)

Jerry: Anne!

Anne: Hi!

Jerry: Come and have a seat. You alright?

Anne: (Sitting next to Jerry.) How it going?

Jerry: I'm okay. How are you?

Anne: (Laughing) I'm good.

Jerry: Good.

Anne: I’m having a good time.

Anne: (Jumping out of the chair) Oh god I gotta puke.

(Cut to Anne with a glass of champagne picking Bethany up off the couch. She scolds Bethany, then feeds her the champagne. Cut to Greggerz approaching Anne and Jerry, who are talking in the middle of the room.)

Greggerz: Hello Anne. Can I have your autograph? (Holds out a pad.)

Jerry: What are you doing?

(Jerry drags Greggers out of the apartment and they argue. Anne is left standing alone and confused. She looks at Bethany, then throws her hands up in the air and rejoins the party.)

Anne: Hey guys! Whoo! (Goes and hugs Princess.)

(Cut to Anne and Jerry in the kitchen. Anne says something inaudible to the camera then takes a sip of champagne and laughs. Cut to Anne examining her near empty glass and Jerry, Kitty, and Princess do stuff in the kitchen. Repeat of Anne's motion in the beginning of the video. Cut to Kitty and Anne sitting on the couch in an empty apartment.)

Kitty: So Anne, did you have a good time?

Anne: It was the most magical night of my life.

Kitty: I'm so glad. But now I think we better get you home before your parents miss you.

Anne: Yeah, I guess so… Does Jerry have a girlfriend?

Kitty: I don't think so. Why?

Anne: Well, we just had a really nice time tonight.

Kitty: Wait. Anne, did you kiss Jerry?

(Anne looks away smiling and Kitty looks at the camera with a shocked expression.)