Nacogdoches DA

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Episode 20/2x007
Nacogdoches DA

I don't need an "expert opinion".

Blogger Clara Stokes
Date Posted July 21st, 2007
Length 2:08
Description John Davies gave me a few minutes to discuss his perspective of the Joel Frady case
YouTube Tags john davies maddison atkins sfa thesis clara stokes da nacogdoches
Clara April Rickman
John Davies Jason Milliken
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Nacogdoches DA is the twentieth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the seventh video of chapter two.


John Davies: You've seen the video. You know that Frady did it. But this guy can kill two people in cold blood, and then claim he has no memory of killin' those kids. He was passing lie detectors right and left. He even had psychiatrists fooled to where they didn't know whether to call him crazy or whether he was possessed.

Clara: What do you think?

John: If you can watch yourself murdering two people in broad daylight and not having any memory of it, well, I don't need an "expert opinion," last time I checked here in Texas, we call that crazy and there's no gettin' better from it.

Clara: But you wouldn't have struck the same deal that the Kirk County DA did?

John: He mowed two college kids down calmly, execution style. You fry, simple as that.

Clara: So then why did the Kirk County District Attorney negotiate that plea bargain as opposed to seeking the death penalty?

John: They didn't want to turn the trial into the Joel Frady freak show. He's afraid that the entire case would have turned into a media circus, costing the taxpayers of his county. But, between you and me, I bet that wouldn't have been an issue if those kids were from Kirk County.

Clara: Well then, what do you know about the case?

John: Well they left Nacogdoches, heading southwest towards San Antone. From the footage we recovered at Frady's it looks like they slept a bit at a rest stop along the way. They made the rest of the trip to Kerrville, arrived at Joseph Wilmott's property, where Frady just murdered them.

Clara: Why do you think he did it?

John: He's a heartless murderer, who tricks kids into playing some elaborate scheme online as this character named Mr. Zipp, and then gathers an enormous audience. I think so that he can show off his master plan by killing them on camera.

Clara: Is there evidence that he had been communicating with others online as Mr. Zipp?

John: Not that I know of. Everything that we have in regards to Mr. Zipp was recovered from the girl's computer. When we picked up Frady, his computer had been wiped completely clean. Even the FBI couldn't pull the information off of it.

Clara: But why would he not cover his face in the video? Why would he want to be caught?

John: I can't tell you. Guilt? Maybe he was bragging? I don't know. If it's okay by you, that's all I have for you. I hope that's helpful.

Clara: Yes, thank you.