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Mr. Zipp

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Age: Unknown
Portrayed by: Withheld

Mr. Zipp is a mysterious character in the Maddison Atkins ARG. He sent Maddison a message letting her know that he had set up multiple internet accounts on her behalf. He used these accounts to ask Maddison to help him save his child's life. Mr Zipp says that he is at the mercy of a powerful organization which greatly restricts his interactions with his only child.

His messages to Maddison are always encrypted, which he believes will confuse the enemy. He encouraged Maddison must get help from the general public to solve the messages he sent her (by means of pigeons and drops).

There is speculation as to just whose father Mr. Zipp is. From his communications with Maddison, he sounds most like Bree's father. However, Bree's father is assumed to be dead. Some speculate that he may be Raymond Wharton, Jonas's father. Others think he may be Maddison's father himself. After chapter 2 came out, it was also speculated that Joel Frady may also be Mr. Zipp. Other theories include the thought that Maddison was adopted and Zipp was her biological father.

In her 3rd vid, Maddison logs into the email account (which she did, in fact, know the password for) and finds this email.

Mr. Zipp said:
Dear Maddison,

In advance I offer you my apologies. We were intended to never meet. However, current developments have left me with no other option but to blindside you in this manor, and for that I am truly sorry. There is no reason for you to trust me or help me, and after some explanation, you will most likely have no desire to do either.

Introductions are probably appropriate. I am a worried parent with certain people watching my every move who impose severe restrictions on my interactions with my only child. This will probably seem unusual from your perspective, but unfortunately, that is all I can offer. If you wish, you can discover more information, but the picture will never be fully complete. Our relationship will always be based on a certain level of faith.

The powers that be will soon track down this transmission and eliminate both the sender and the recipient. For you to dismiss the gravity of this information could bring horrific results. There are actions you can take to ensure some level of safety. This may seem like strange advise, but you need to immerse yourself in some specific online exposure. The organization I mentioned before, could not afford to interfere with an individual who experiences a certain level of exposure. Simply put, as an unknown, you are easy prey.

I have set up some accounts for you, and all the information for these accounts is included here. For your sake and mine, immerse yourself. Let them know who you are. Nothing I share with you should be kept private. It is important for the community at large to see and examine all messages from me. You will need their help, for my messages will be encoded to confuse the enemy. Even now it is likely you need their help.

You have no more than 15 days before this specific transmission is discovered, traced to me, and tracked to you. It is only the vast size of the organization that allows us such a luxury. Hopefully you can garner the attention necessary for them to see that you cannot be harmed and that you are, indeed, not a threat, but rather an instrument within a larger context. If you are willing, you can be my microphone and save my child's life. In the mean time, I need you to make some new friends. I wish you success.

For the sake of my child,

Mr. Zipp

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