Off the Grid

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Episode 9/1x009
Off the Grid

So they really are evil...

Blogger Maggie
Date Posted September 25th, 2008
Forum forum discussion
Length 1:58
Description We have researched the community. None of us sent him this ticket. Someone set Jonas up. We must find our leader. Then we must pursue those responsible for his capture...
Location(s) Reed's loft, Chicago
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 resistance Off Grid Jonas Reed Sarah lost amateur extreme fun hymnofnone
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and Amanda Goodfried
Line Producer Lynn Kramer
Production Assistant(s) Andrea Aguilar and Travis Prow
Director(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Assistant Director(s) Ram Paul Silbey
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Head Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov
Vidplay Joshua Hale Fialkov and Jim Campolongo
Story Joshua Hale Fialkov and Miles Beckett
Editor(s) Jerry Pyle, Yusuf Pirhasan, James Renfroe, and Christopher Ryder
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Jonas Jackson Davis
Reed Brett Ryback
Fake LifesBlood Labs Agent Luke Darnell
Fake LifesBlood Labs Agent Mark E. Fletcher
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Off the Grid is the ninth blog in the LG15: The Resistance blog series.


(Camera shows various shots of buildings then a video of people walking down a street.)

Voice: Time is short. Danger surrounds us. We are everywhere and we see all. Jonas has been captured. Luckily our army has grown by one.

(Camera cuts to various clips of Reed's videos. Cut to Abduction!, overlayed with text reading "Wednesday"; "September 24, 2008"; "ReedABook".)

Voice: We are desperately trying to locate the vehicle, but we have been unable to track it any further at this time. We've begun a search of all of LifesBlood Labs's holdings in the Chicago area. We will post more info as we discover it.


  • The license plate number was found for the LifesBlood Labs SUV, but nothing came of it.
  • This is the first official LG15: The Resistance video where Reed appears.