Opportunity Crisis!

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Episode 23/1x023
Opportunity Crisis!

I didn't see that one coming.

Blogger Rachel
Date Posted October 21st, 2007
URL youtube.com
Length 2:57
Description I've got way too much on my mind right now...

I really hate it when life requires me to make a decision.

YouTube Tags redearth redearth88 rachel maddisonatkins lonelygirl15 bree danielbeast jonastko lofisyndicate undecided socal texas
Rachel Sara E. R. Fletcher
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Opportunity Crisis! is the twenty-third video in the Redearth88 video series.


Rachel: So I got a call today from someone I wasn't really expecting, my former boss. Last week I sent him a thank you note with an apology for flaking out on my internship. Today he calls me to tell me that he received it and he wanted to see if I was interested in a full time job as a production assistant. Yeah... I didn't see that one coming. I guess my grandfather was right, good manners still count for a lot these days, especially when you've screwed up. It requires me to make a difficult decision, what do I do about school? School is something that I've always been pretty good at. If I take this job it will put school on hold for a while, then again this is a major opportunity. I guess I find that pretty intimidating. Although if I don't get over that sooner or later I run the risk of being one of those people that never leaves college for fear of having to live life ungraded. The fact remains that I, I can't afford this place on my own. Originally there was another girl from school that was supposed to take the other bedroom here, it's a long story. Her dad was kind enough to pay the rent for the rest of the summer. Anyhow I already talked to my landlord and I have a week to tell him whether or not I'll be staying. So that gives me a little bit of time to find someone, except I really don't do too well with roomates. Maybe it's the fact that I'm an only child or that I had literally the worst possible dormmate last year. I'd just rather like having the option of peace and quiet whenever I want, and since the last person I met out here ended up being actually insane, the prospect of trying to find someone sounds absolutley terrifying. Moving isn't really an attractive option either. Oh, and then there's this. (Holds up a suitcase.) Looks like you average suitcase right? Well aparently it's so average that I mistook it for being mine at baggage claim. When I went to unpack I found that I had actually got the belonging of one Aly Zarin. She totally sounds like a Russian heiress or something. Her buisness card says shes a professional photographer. Anyway, she must be pretty busy because we keep playing phone tag. So as I wait for the development on the recovery of my favorite pajama pants I have plenty of other stuff to keep me occupied.

(Image of a red vial labeled redearth88 and a voice saying, "Red Earth, the universe is wider than our views of it.")


  • Fans suspect that the girl who was supposed to be Rachel's roommate was actually Maddison Atkins and the father who paid the rent was Gregory Atkins.
  • On October 23, 2007, the viewcount for this video exceeded the viewcount for the most recent Lonelygirl15 video (Storytelling), which had been released a day prior. It is the first time that a UGC fictional video with an lg15 connection has exceeded the mothership in views. It should be noted that the high viewcount on youtube is somewhat accounted for by repeated reviewing by rabid RedEarth fans, although RedEarth does not have autoplay videos on their youtube channel like lonelygirl15.