Owen Responds to the Lonelygirl15 Press Conference

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LonesomeOctober Video 3
Owen Responds to the Lonelygirl15 Press Conference

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You want some of this?

Blogger LonesomeOctober
Date Posted September 6th, 2006
URL revver.com
Description Owen sets the record straight.
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast bree purple monkey owen angry turle secrets revealed press
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Owen Responds to the Lonelygirl15 Press Conference is the third fan-fic video by LonesomeOctober. Owen rebuts the claims made by Purple Monkey, asserting that P. Monkey's announcement is all lies.


(Owen is sitting on a bed with a patterned quilt on it. He looks up happily.)

Owen: Hello, everyone! My name's Owen. You may know me from the popular YouTube vblog, lonelygirl15. I want to talk to you about a press conference that was held a few days ago by my former co-worker, Purple Monkey.

First of all, I want you to know that the press conference was a total fabrication, and in no way is lonelygirl15 fake. Purple Monkey's suggestion that this was all some sort of put-up is absurd. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me tell you some things about Purple Monkey. The reason that Bree has called Purple Monkey both "he" and "she" is not that Bree is an actress with little emotional attachment to the puppet, but because Purple Monkey has unresolved gender issues. And in the episode Bree The Cookie Monster, when Purple Monkey held up the card reading "zero-six," instead of just "six," that was in no way a reference to the date 10-12-06, Aleister Crowley's next birthday. Rather, Purple Monkey is developmentally disabled and unable to understand even the most rudimentary numerical expressions.

Mark my words: Purple Monkey will say anything to get your attention. Do not trust him. Trust me! Lonelygirl is real and she appreciates your support and your interest. I love Bree, and I love Daniel, but Purple Monkey can eat sh** and die! Seriously, moth** ******, stay away from Bree or I'll **** your **** off, even if you are a puppet!

Thank you for your time.


  • To some viewers it may seem odd, even contradictory, that although Owen vehemently dismisses Purple Monkey's claims, he himself was at the press conference passing out the press packets. Other viewers don't expect that much from a talking stuffed turtle and monkey puppet, a point that Owen later stresses.