Owen on Survival

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LonesomeOctober Video 9
Owen on Survival

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Who's gonna kill whom in their sleep??

Blogger LonesomeOctober
Date Posted November 22nd, 2006
URL revver.com
Description Why did Owen suggest the survival book?
YouTube Tags danielbeast owen purple monkey motel
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Owen on Survival is the ninth fan-fic video by LonesomeOctober. Owen explains his recent behavior, and offers some friendly advice.


(Owen is sitting on a bed with what looks like the same bedspread from his first video.)

Owen: Hi, everybody! It's me, Owen. I wanted to set the record straight about some things that were said in Daniel's last video, "Silent Treatment." Bree mentioned that I was the one who suggested the "Survival Skills" activity. That's absolutely true. My reasons for drawing Bree's attention to the Survival Skills book were twofold.

First, I wanted her to read the section on the behavior of rabid animals, because I'm scared to hell of Purple Monkey. If you've had the misfortune to see his last two videos, you know what I'm talking about. He's f****n' crazy. I suppose it's possible he won't kill us all in our sleep one of these nights, but I wouldn't bet on it. The sooner Bree realizes she's living with a dangerous animal, the sooner we can have him put to sleep, in the most humane way possible.

My second reason for being concerned about survival skills is that I believe my conception of the situation that we're in is radically different than that held by Bree and Daniel. They seem to think we're on a little vacation. I, on the other hand, believe that we are running for our lives, and hiding out from a secret religious organization who may or may not be willing to kill us.

I realize that I am what might be called a more "proactive personality" than Bree or Daniel; that is to say, when confronted with challenging situations, I tend to respond with aggression and/or violence. Bree and Daniel are very different people, and I respect that. Nonetheless, my suspicion is that if both of them were on fire and standing next to each other, Bree would make a joke about it and smile, and Daniel would just look sad while complaining about the fact that Bree made a joke. However, neither of them would actually put out the fire until they were both burned to death.

Though only a puppet, I do have turtle-like animal instincts, and those instincts indicate to me that attempting to solve this mystery would be of more value than waiting in this hotel to die. To that end, I offer the following advice... Daniel, you look like your instincts are leading you in the right direction. Perhaps it's time to cowboy-up and do something about it. Bree, do you remember your parents? We haven't heard from them for some time now. Do you maybe wanna go see if they're still alive? Purple Monkey, I think I saw some bleach in the bathroom; why don't you go have a drink and see what it tastes like? And Gemma... you seem like my kind of lady. Perhaps you'd be interested in plotting the downfall of my purple nemesis with me? I have some names a lot stronger than "wanker" that I use for him!

At any rate, that's it for me for now. Thank you for your time.


  • In Owen's Still so Angry, Owen was very clear to identify himself as a plush animal as opposed to a puppet, but in this video, he blithely refers to himself as "only a puppet." It seems that Owen may suffer from low self-esteem, in addition to his anger issues.