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Precious Blood is an event in the KateModern series which took place on April 5th, 2008. Starting at 11AM British Standard Time (3AM PDT, 6AM EDT), videos were posted every hour, on the hour, for twelve hours. In said amount of time, fans were able to chat with characters through the NowLive chat and interact between videos. Additionally, Kate's killer was, at last, unveiled.

The Event

Videos started at 11AM BST (6AM EDT, 3AM PDT) and are listed below:

Gavin's in love.
Julia's caught in the act.
Julia explains herself
Live Chat

Steve explains his actions.
Charlie goes to find Gavin.
The gang heads to a bunker to stop Steve and save Lauren.
Terrence reveals his secrets.
Live Chat

It's a Shadow convention!
Steve takes Charlie home to recoup.
Terrence abducts Charlie.
Puzzle Posted
Precious Blood-puzzle.jpg
Terrence posts a puzzle on Charlie's Bebo page. Click here for the solution.
Live Chat

Lee to the rescue!
The showdown of a lifetime commences.
Terrence lives.


Chat - Sophie host.jpg

Three chats were scheduled throughout the day at the following times: 1PM BST (8AM EDT, 5AM PDT), 5PM BST (Noon EDT, 9AM PDT), and 8PM BST (3PM EDT, Noon PDT)


The first chat was held at 1PM BST. Charlie visited Sophie in her office, and the two came into NowLive to discuss who Charlie should trust and what she should do next. At the end, the fans advised Charlie to go meet up with Gavin at the pub, where he said he would be at the end of Precious Blood: 11AM and to go from there.


The second chat was held at 5PM BST. Sophie voiced her concern regarding the latest video, and announced that she had a visitor wishing to speak with everyone live. Rupert Van Helden came on screen and began answering viewer questions regarding his life. He dismissed any connection between the Hymn of One and Terrence or the Order, stating that they were out to destroy the religion. He proceeded to try and convince people to attend a seminar on April 7, 2008 (The Day of the Eternal Song), where he would be giving a big announcement. Rupert eventually left and Sophie stated that she sided with the viewers in not trusting Rupert and would be doing everything in her power to save everyone.


The third and final chat was held at 8PM BST. Lee visited Sophie in her office, and both were visibly upset by the latest video. Both asked viewers for help regarding the new puzzle that Terrence had uploaded to Charlie's Bebo site. It was eventually discovered that the image was indicating that Charlie was being held at Aunt Joan's house. Lee tried franticly to contact Gavin, but the line was busy, so his number was given to fans to try and contact. After several minutes of failed attempts to contact Gavin's phone, Lee remembered that Justin had implanted trackers into all JTV staff members' phones. Lee raced off to track Gavin's phone, and gave Sophie a passionate kiss before leaving.

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  • KateModern writers assisted the actors in responding to fans' questions by holding up color-coded post-it notes. [1]


Press Photos

KateModern released a number of press photos with the event, which can be seen below:


In preparation for the event, the KateModern team also released a number of video trailers on their YouTube account, insideKateModern.

The One Video to Rule them All

On April 10th, 2008, a video containing each video from Precious Blood with notation for time and uncut was posted by Sophie. It is the longest video the LG15 crew has ever created, running 55:37.

Kate Modern: Precious Blood