Project Orwell

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A screenshot of Project Orwell's interface.
Project Orwell is a questionably legal software program, designed by Gavin and Tariq. According to a top-secret promotional video for the product that Lee leaked to the public, it "allows a user to use the Internet to connect to and discretely activate the web cam of any computer in the world." Gavin and Tariq claimed to have planned to "sell it to the right person," as opposed to doing anything "dodgy" with it. However, after Lee leaked the video, they were forced to hide out in Gavin's Aunt Joan's house. We later discover that they were hiding out less from the authorities and more from Terrence, from whom they had borrowed a large sum of money for a "legitimate" business endeavor.

In addition to leaking the video, Lee destroyed all but one copy of Project Orwell, which he held ransom, and forced Gavin and Tariq to apologize multiple times (for humiliating him) and solve puzzles in order to get it back. If they did not comply, he threatened to give the software to "someone else."