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First Appearance Last Appearance
Spiders KateModern: Precious Blood Recap
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En GB.gif United Kingdom
Portrayed by Margaret Hyams

Videos with Joan

Joan Taylore is Gavin's aunt. She was going to rent her garage to Tariq and Gavin as office space. Tariq, however, was not thrilled about their method of paying her - gardening, and the two decided to look for office space elsewhere.

After Lee stole Gavin and Tariq's software, the team moved in with Aunt Joan in order to regroup and sort out a way to recover their software. While staying at her house, the two got drunk, and Tariq even had an overnight romp with Julia in an upstairs bedroom. The benefactor of the software, Terrence came to visit (a.k.a. physically threaten) Gavin several times at Aunt Joan's house, and seemed to become quite fond of her.

Following the events of season one, Gavin was forced to move in with Aunt Joan while he worked as a pot scrubber in a pub on the outskirts of London. He often complained about Joan's house being out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by old people. After Gavin got a job in London at JustIncredible.TV, he moved out, having found a flat closer to work.

After Terrence kidnaps Charlie, he takes her to Aunt Joan's house and ties them both up in one of the bedrooms. While he douses the house in gasoline, the rest of the K-Team arrives and unties them. Before Terrence can light the house on fire, he is chased off by a Watcher and Shadow. Once they are gone, Joan expresses her delight over finally meeting Charlie, whom she has heard so much about from Gavin. Gavin however, cuts her off, and confronts Charlie about her evening with Steve, and throws them out of the house. In Gavin's next blog, he implies that he has moved back in with his Aunt.


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