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Quietus is the title of the LG15: The Last Series finale, which began on June 30th, 2009.

The series was originally only intended to last for eight weeks, but EQAL gave the crew of the Last the greenlight two produce to more weeks of content along with a finale. However, due to a series of issues including illnesses and scheduling, there was a month long delay in between the first ten weeks and the finale.

The Event

Videos started on June 30th and are listed below:

In the Aftermath of Toni and Leigh's kidnapping, only Bray wishes to stay and fight.
Toni is tortured by the Order to provoke Bray and the others.
Sibylla's brother Xavier comes forward.
Mitch and Chas break up, and Chas reveals exactly how much she hates Toni.
Erica confesses her misdeeds, and promises to help Bray rescue Toni.
Jayde and Chas reflect on their actions and decisions, and Mitch and Bray form a plan of attack.
Jayde reveals that Chloe is still alive, and makes a deal with the Order.
Jayde locates Chas, and Mitch and Bray enter the Order.
Jayde gets doubled crossed and someone is shot.
The Ceremony begins, and the traitor is finally revealed.
Mitch is given an awful task, Bray is captured, and one of the last dies.
Xavier tortures Jayde while Chas and Bray reminisce over Mitch and Toni.


The Announcements

Hi Everyone! Thank you for your patience as “LG15: The Last” has gone on a short hiatus. The cast and crew are busy filming videos for a spectacular finale that will air at the end of June. In the meantime, start working on your pilots for “LG15: The Show Is Yours” Season 2. We will begin taking submissions very soon. Stay tuned to Inside LG15 for more details.

Quietus:- noun

1. a finishing stroke; anything that effectually ends or settles.

2. discharge or release from life.

3. a period of retirement or inactivity.

Things won’t be quiet for long as the LG15: The Last finale begins on June 30. The “Quietus” finale will run for 6 days as we discover just who is Sibbyla Weave.

Revised Scheduling

Hi Everyone,

This has been an unfortunate, frustrating and sleep deprived night… currently it is 12pm (in Australia) and we have been working on uploading the video all night but our internet was affected by a massive power station outage which caused the need to re upload MULTIPLE times and due to the excess strain it kept timing out. (Sibylla has been dispatched to deal with the culprits as we speak! )

It is such a shame for the delay and now with this public holiday weekend our storyline will unfortunately suffer as the video today was supposed to be a direct continuation and will not be posted until Monday .

For Monday, what we can tell you, there will be blood and someone in The Last WILL be betrayed.

Thank you all so much. We appreciate your patience and support.

- The Lasties

Press Photos

To help generate publicity for the event, EQAL released promotional images on Inside LG15 and updated the character profile avatars.