Betrayal is the wilful slaughter of hope

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Episode 43/1x043
Betrayal is the wilful slaughter of hope


Blogger Sibylla
Date Posted July 21st, 2009
Forum forum discussion
Length 2:41
Description "One should rather die than be betrayed. There is no deceit in death. It delivers precisely what it has promised. Betrayal, though... betrayal is the wilful slaughter of hope" - Steven Deitz
Location(s) The Order Ceremony Hall
YouTube Tags LG15 The Last lonelygirl15 Toni Bray Chas Leigh Sibylla Jayde Mitch bree danielbeast jonas
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Director(s) Andrew Strouthos
Director of Photography Andrew Strouthos
Visual Effects by Dominic O'Connell
Story Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Editor(s) Andrew Strouthos
Music "Reverse Universe" by Sampleconstruct
Leigh Jessica Shipley
Antonia Samantha Carr
Chasina Catherine Williams
Order Members Unknown
Mitch Tom Mesker
Hera Gai Strouthos
Hera's Shadow Matt Morris
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Betrayal is the wilful slaughter of hope is the forty-third video in the LG15: The Last video series. It is also the tenth video of Quietus.


(Leigh and Antonia are led down a curved stairway by two Order members. They are both dressed in white dresses.)

Leigh: (crying) Get off me!

(They are led up another flight of stairs which leads to the Order Ceremony Hall. Antonia is put on the ground, and Leigh is led up to a ceremony table where two more Order members enter. Leigh is layed down on the table and covered up with a cloth. Chasina is led into the Ceremony Hall by another Order member.)

Chasina: (resisting) Wait, no! Leigh!

(Mitch and the two Surveillance Guys enter the room together. Chasina runs away from the Order member holding her and runs towards Mitch.)

Chasina: Oh my God, Mitch! Mitch, you came for me! I'm so sorry I left you.

(Chasina rests her head on Mitch's shoulder, then backs away, realizing he's working for the Order. She is grabbed by the Order member who was previously holding her. The Elder and her Shadow then enter.)

Elder: How touching.

(Back at the table, Leigh is taunted by an Order member. The camera zooms out to reveal the entire scene taking place.)