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Character information
Age 17
Date of Birth ("Capricorn")
Place of Origin En GB.gif United Kingdom
MySpace weirdsuzie
WhatWeird Suzie
YouTube soozan5
Portrayed by Unknown

Suzie is the unseen creator and moderator of the website and forums.


Suzie is a native of England and is a 16-year old girl. She is fascinated by the paranormal, and weird in general. She is currently investigating her grandmother's involvement with a secret society only referred to as "The Duncans." According to her second blog, she is "considering studying paranormal activity on a professional level someday..." hence the subject matter of whatweird.

Grandma's girl

Suzie’s weird story began on October 17th, 2007, when she finally (also the name of her first blog, Finally!!!) got her own dot com site named Suzie was a former member of the livejournal community but decided to delete her account and upload all of her “weird” findings onto her new site.

Suzie's grandmother in... The United States?

Suzie’s next blog revealed that her grandmother died a year and three months prior to the date (approximately July of 2006). Upon Gran’s (Suzie’s name for her grandmother) death, Suzie was left a mechanical piggybank of a girl skipping rope. Within a few nights of possessing the bank, it started going off by itself in the middle of the night when Suzie slept. Incidents of the mechanical piggybank starting on its own happened several more times in the coming weeks.

When Suzie confronted her parents about the incident of the “haunted” piggybank, they decided to place the piggybank on the first floor of their house. Immediately after doing so, the family dog, Lady would randomly wake up in the middle of the night and bark at the piggybank. Suzie’s parents then decided it would be best to place the piggybank in storage.

On November 3rd, 2007 Suzie convinced her father to take the piggybank out of storage. Strangely, the piggybank was not where they left it and nowhere to be found. While there they decided to bring home a box filled with memorabilia Gran had collected over her life.

Suzie then went through a couple old correspondences that Gran had with various contacts and found out that her grandmother belonged to a group called the “Duncans.” Attached to one of the letters was a picture of a gargoyle. When searching for information on the Duncans, she came across information on Helen Duncan, the last woman to be charged for witchcraft in England, and the topic of several whatweird blogs.

Soon after this, Suzie had a near death experience. While walking down the street she felt a hand grasp her shoulder. As she stopped, a car flew by her, inches away. Suzie attributed that this may have been her grandmother saving her from the beyond, via a form of astral projection talked about on the site.

On November 17th, 2007 Suzie came across a photograph of three men dressed as American cowboys. In the background of this picture is a window, and in the window is an eerie image of a long haired woman.

In the forums on November 25th, Suzie told fellow forum users that upon a second visit to the family storage, with her father, there appeared the “haunted” piggybank exactly where her father originally left it.

The weirdness continued on November 26th, when Suzie found a photograph of her grandmother sitting behind a desk next to an American flag and a flag bearing what appears to be the Presidential Seal. Suzie’s parents revealed that Gran NEVER left England, especially later on in life from which it appears the photograph was taken.

Little Ditty, 'bout Jack and Suzie

Jack posted Soooo Weird mentioning, and in turn Suzie posted the video on her blog and offered for Jack to join the community. This may have been the definitive event that tied’s story with Jack’s story.

Suzie then posted another old-fashioned photograph from Gran’s photos on December 2nd, 2007. This photograph shows a family and their house, and on the topmost window of the house is an eerie image of another woman.

In early December, Suzie and her best friend Sharon decide to use the Ouija board to try and communicate with Gran. They were given two words, “H-A-R-R-O” and “G-R-I-M.” Suzie’s father took the pair to the town of Harrow soon afterwards to investigate. The pair’s trip was in failure, as they seemingly came up with nothing further.

"Help Him".

The weird (and somewhat scary) caught up with Suzie on January 4th, 2008. On that evening, Suzie heard three consecutive knocks on her bathroom door. Upon entering her bathroom, the word “PaLadin” was written on the window. As Suzie photographed the word, a voice sounding like her Gran’s whispered “help him.” "Him" has since been proven to be Jack, since Jack has encountered a Paladin.

Around this time, a user with the name of Donnchad mac Crínáin (the name of Duncan I, King of Scotland) appeared on the whatweird forums. Donnchad offered Suzie some cryptic advice on the Duncans, Suzie’s Gran, and just who the Paladins were and how they related to Jack. Donnchad has also inferred that he once knew Gran and may be/have been a member of the Duncans.

Donnchad explained that the Paladins are basically the polar opposites, and may have been in direct conflict with the Duncans. The goal of the Paladins is to search out people like Jack, and kill them. Since then Jack has encountered a Paladin twice.

Shortly after, Suzie decided to continue looking into her grandmother’s past involvement with the Duncans. This time around she finally received help from her mother, who was previously unresponsive and unhelpful when it came to issues of acknowledging Gran's past. Suzie’s mother recognized that her Gran was a part of the Duncans, who held their meetings in Harrow. Suzie’s mother even went as far as going with Suzie back to their storage unit, to reminisce about some of Gran’s old things. During that visit, Suzie brought home another box of memorabilia.

Crazy like a fox!

Another Spiritual Encounter...

The weird and strange picked up again on the night of January 22nd, 2008. On that night, as Suzie was sleeping, she heard faint sounds of scratching and whispering coming from her bathroom. As she entered, she saw an image of her Gran talking with a man. Suzie has stated that she believes it was Donnchad, due to the deep Scottish brogue that he talked in (his forum posts were written in a Scottish dialect). Donnchad told Suzie to look for a tiny box. In the box are the answers to many of the lingering secrets in Suzie’s life. The box can be found in Grim’s Ditch. Gran left Suzie by asking she carry on the legacy of the Duncans. All that was left of the incident were handprints imbedded on the wall of Suzie’s bathroom.

When Suzie told her parents of this story they immediately made her see a psychiatrist, Dr. Cranmore. Suzie’s parents & Dr. Cranmore believe that the experiences happening in her life are delusions made up from being on a paranormal website much of her day, her friendship with Jack and coping with her grandmother’s death… or they are trying to prevent Suzie from finding out the truth about her grandmother, whatever that may be.

Soon after seeing Dr. Cranmore, Suzie was banned from using the internet and was pulled from her school. Suzie left her best friend Sharon in charge of the forums and blog. Suzie also left Sharon a picture of a bird box on her locker, right before she was pulled from school.

On February 6th, Suzie posted a very unusual blog, detailing how she had come to see the error of her ways. Suzie described that, with help from Dr. Cranmore and her parents, she had come to realize that she had been making almost everything that happened to her up. She was merely living out a fantasy and nothing that had happened in the previous months was real. It was all a way to cope with the loss of her granmother. The whatweird community knew not to believe this and cracked a code within the message that relayed a message to Sharon. Sharon was to meet Suzie at Grim's Ditch and bring a Ouija board.

Is this the End?

Sharon describes what she saw.

Sharon told whatweird members that she would be posting updates of what happened at Grim's Ditch "under Shirley MacLaine." Whatweird veterans knew this meant to mean that she would be posting underneath a particular blog about the named actress.

At Grim's Ditch, Suzie and Sharon performed a brief seance with the Ouija board. The board spelled out "Dominus illuminatio mea," (rough Latin for "The Lord is my Light"). Then the board pointed to the letter "E" followed by "Nesbit" (E. Nesbit was a famous children's author in the early 1900's). The board continued to spell "in omne tempus" (Latin for "in all time") and then the number 5. After some time sitting idley, it spelled out "yfel" (Old English for "evil") four times. At this instance the girls heard hooting and hollering and laughter and the sound of running towards them. The two friends immediately took off and returned home.

While Suzie's parents never got wind of what happened that night, Sharon was caught and immediately grounded. When Sharon had tried to get in contact with Suzie on February 13th, she was told my Suzie's mother that Dr. Cranmore said it was in the best interest for Suzie to change schools.

On February 23rd, Sharon revealed that Suzie's parents visited Sharon's parents alerting them of the girls' activities and vivid imaginations. They took every piece of evidence that Sharon had of Grim's Ditch that night and forbade Sharon to come onto the site ever again. It was revealed that Suzie's parents sent her to school in Scotland.


  • Omen I & II are two of her most favorite horror movies.
  • Suzie’s best friend Sharon, has claimed that she was Joan of Arc in one of her previous lives.
  • Sharon has a bit of a crush on Jack.
  • Suzie has an inherent interest in all things weird, especially ghosts, astral projection, teleportation (and Shirley MacLaine), aliens, alternate realities, and government conspiracies of course.
  • Despite Suzie not being a vlogger, she has her own YouTube account where she keeps her favorite "weird" videos to post on her website.
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