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Whatweird logo.
URL http://whatweird.com
Affiliation lonelygirl15, KateModern, Watchyourjack
Type Paranormal investigations
Current Status Inactive

Whatweird.com is a website that Daniel first became interested in while attempting to find Emma. Although Jonas was very skeptical, Daniel insisted that the teleportation mentioned on the site was real and the stories about it were genuine. The next mention of the website came in Connections, in which Daniel mentions that the girl running it, Suzie, had some very "crazy" videos she was posting to YouTube. The website was mentioned again in a chat between Daniel and Taylor, where Taylor expressed her belief that the stories were real. It has now also featured in Kate Modern, as Gavin has posted on the site, and talked about it in a video.

Whatweird is unique, in that it has its own story going on and isn't subjugated to the plots of lonelygirl15 or Kate Modern. To catch up on whatweird's overall story click here.

The website is currently registered until 2010, but contains no content.

What is it? Who made it?

The website is dedicated to paranormal subjects and other random things related. According to the first blog, Wednesday, October 17th, 2007, Suzie used to have a livejournal before getting her own website.

In the forums, Suzie posted the following:

Hello fellow Weirdos!

My name is Suzie and this is my forum for discussing all that is wonderfully weird in our mysterious

Many friends have asked me why I've titled my website "whatweird". So, I should like to take this
moment to explain. For me, it is a perfect description of all the information and thoughts you will
find here on "whatweird". Chances are if you come upon something so odd and unique that it makes you
spin around and say "WHAT?" :o or "WEIRD!" :shock: , you shall find it here. I am interested in
anything and everything that might seem a bit off or "weird" to the average person. We live in a
strange and wonderful universe! If you know of any strange, wonderful and "weird" happenings, please
let me know!

Suzie, according to her second blog, is "considering studying paranormal activity on a professional level someday..." Thus the motivation for the interest in paranormal subjects.

Aside from the many articles on the supernatural, she blogs about her own life. Her grandmother died July 2006 and left her "a mechanical 'Girl Skipping Rope'" that is apparently haunted.


The following LG15 and KateModern characters' screennames have appeared on the comment board or forum in one or more posts.

  • Danielbeast a.k.a. Daniel from LG15
  • soccerstar4ever a.k.a. Taylor from LG15
  • Deepgoat a.k.a. Gavin from KateModern
  • chazontoast a.k.a. Charlie from KateModern
  • abstractheart appeared in the forums, leaving a code, but it was later stated by the KateModern team that that post was not from THE abstractheart a.k.a. Kate

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