The Cowboy

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Episode 126/1x126
The Cowboy

Hey, Cowboy!

Blogger Bree
Date Posted February 2nd, 2007
Length 2:28
Description We tracked the guy down that Daniel was with at Pins and Pints. He drives a white van...
Location(s) A rest stop, The Cowboy's Ranch
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast jonas jonastko cowboy white van mountains drive shack rest stop
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, and Glenn Rubenstein
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Mesh Flinders
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Executive Story Editor Glenn Rubenstein
Vidplay Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, and Glenn Rubenstein
Story Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, and Glenn Rubenstein
Editor(s) Kevin Schlanser
Jonas Jackson Davis
Bree Jessica Lee Rose
The Cowboy Sam Pitman
Brother Glenn Rubenstein
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The Cowboy is the one-hundred twenty-sixth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. Bree and Jonas follow the man in the white van.


(The video opens with shots of the mountains through the window of a moving car.)

Jonas: (voiceover) Ah, so anyway, I talked to the bartender and he said that this guy's kind of shady and uh, I don't know. I guess he takes odd jobs from (shot cuts to Jonas driving) this person and that person. He's kind of weirdo.

(We see mountains and trees and rain, then the shot is a peek around a tree at a cabin-type house.)

Jonas: (voiceover) Alright, so we found this guy's place, finally, and we parked in the back highway and hiked up the hill. So far, no sign of this guy. Or Daniel for that matter.

(More shots of the rain, and the cabin. Then the scene cuts to a white van in a parking lot.)

Bree: (voiceover) That's his van over there. We followed him to this rest stop.

(Cut to a shot of Jonas's face.)

Bree: This is so frustrating. I just feel completely helpless.

Jonas: I know. He pulled into a rest stop? I don't like this guy.

Bree: Well maybe he needs to pee, but... (small laugh)

Jonas: I'm going, 'cause this is ridiculous. I'm just going to check out the van.

Bree: No! You're not Bruce Wayne, Jonas.

(Jonas raises his eyebrows at Bree, then we see him walking toward the white van. He looks in the front passenger window and appears to try to open the door but it seems locked, so he goes to the back of the van and opens the back.)

Bree: (talking as though to Jonas although he is clearly too far away to hear her) What are you doing? Don't get in the van!

(Jonas gets in the van.)

Bree: What?!

(Camera pans to a guy wearing a cowboy hat walking toward the van.)

Bree: Oh my God, that's the guy. Oh shit. I'm gonna text him. Please pick up your phone.

(We see Jonas crouching behind the van as the cowboy walks up to it.)

Bree: Look at your phone.

Brother (off camera): Hey! Cowboy!

(The cowboy turns to look the direction from which he came.)

Brother (off camera): Did you forget this?

(The cowboy walks away from the van. Jonas runs. We hear the sound of Bree opening the car door.)

Bree: (yells to Jonas) Run, run, get in the car!

(Cut to Jonas sitting in front of a window with a pool behind him.)

Jonas: This was a scary, scary day. That was... I saw in the back of the van, but there was nothing there. Anyway, we've, I'm exhausted, we've been driving all night to get back here and Bree went straight to bed. She's pretty bummed out. And I'm just racking my brain now this whole way back. I've just been thinking of, you know, what can we do about Daniel and I don't, I'm just, I'm frustrated because I don't have any experience in this kind of... situation? Does this guy have him locked up somewhere, or uh, who is this guy?! It's... I mean, I know that... I know Watchers, right, they don't wear cowboy hats. I think that we should really go to the police about this. We should really do something about this but Bree just wants nothing to do with that idea. But I think it might be time. I don't know. It's... you know what, I'm just tired. I'm just tired and frustrated so I'm gonna get some sleep and hopefully have, you know, come up with some better ideas tomorrow.


  • It is likely that the Creators intend the white van and man from this video to match the ones seen in Looking For Daniel, although there are apparent differences between the men.
  • Bruce Wayne is a reference to the secret identity of the comic book character Batman. Jonas made a reference to Bruce Wayne (as an orphan, he is "more Bruce Wayne than Oliver") in his video "Happy Thanksgiving."
  • While Jonas is driving, we can see a heart drawn on the car window,€“ presumably by Jonas or Bree.
  • Some might consider the episode a homage to the David Lynch film "Mulholland Drive" (2001). In the movie, there was a strange and mysterious figure known as "the cowboy" who had a bizarre scene with film director Adam Kesher on top of a hill in California. Whether there is really an inspired link between the two characters is yet to be seen.
  • This is the first time Brother has directly appeared in the series to help BDJ.
  • The video was shot in Encino, California. [1]