The Cowboy (character)

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The Cowboy
Cowboy 022 copy.jpg
First Appearance Last Appearance
The Cowboy The Cowboy
Character information
Age Deceased?
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Sam Pitman

The Cowboy was a frequent visitor to the bar and bowling alley, Pins and Pints, that is located in the general vicinity of Jonas's house. He was supposedly responsible for kidnapping Daniel. Bree and Jonas attempted to follow him to a rest stop, but did not find out much about him.

The Cowboy's ranch was aparently located so far away from Pins and Pints, that Bree and Jonas had to stop and spend the night in a hotel rather than drive all the way to the ranch. It's not really clear how he could be a regular at a bar that was so far away from where he lived.

The Cowboy has only appeared in one episode, that is, The Cowboy, released on February 2, 2007. There has been speculation that The Cowboy's role was going to be further explained and defined, but that due to the splitting of directing duties among the Creators and Glenn Rubenstein during this time period of this show, the original plan for the Cowboy was altered.

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