What Happened Today Part 2

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Episode 2/1x002
What Happened Today Part 2

It's a bird... with a note!

Blogger Maddison Atkins
Date Posted April 11th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Length 5:24
Description So. Yeah. Here's the 2nd half. A little birdie just flew into my life, and now I'm kind of concerned. Maybe I shouldn't be, but I think I'm scared. I made Adam stay the night with me. . . for protection. I did know the password, but how did the sender know I would? I checked the account tonight, and it's just the tip of the iceberg. If you understand the dots on the message, then let me know. I'll post it larger on my "new" myspace page so you all can check it out. Oh yeah - somebody mentioned that they can't read the writing on the note. Side 1 "maddisonatkins@yahoo.com Login immediately. You will know the password" (and I did) Side 2 - I don't know. I scanned it and posted in my myspace pics. www.myspace.com/maddyatkins
YouTube Tags pigeon lonelygirl15 bree daniel danielbeast jonas alex worried parent
Music "As It Stops Raining" by Georgia's Horse
Maddison Faye Austin
Adam Jason Zednick
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What Happened Today Part 2 is the second video in the Maddison Atkins video series.


(Still frame of text that says "Part 2" Cuts to Maddison in her "nice clothes" in front of the azalea trail. This segment of the blog is done in a "blooper" style. There are many cuts of Maddison holding a microphone attempting to perfect her news cast.)

Maddison: Does it look okay?

Adam: Yeah.

Maddison: Okay. 'Cause I feel, like, a little... itchy.

Adam: You can't see that.

Maddison: Okay. (Blooper Cut) As a native of east Texas, I've often wondered... why these flowers grow here, and what's so intriguing about them? Something like that?

Adam: Yeah, come around to this side.

Maddison: Okay. (Blooper Cut) Ahh-zail-yah.

(Adam mumbles something indistinctly)

Maddison: Okay... okay! (Blooper Cut) ...and wondered why they grow here. And what makes them so beautiful. (Blooper Cut) I was looking at the azaleas. (Blooper Cut) As a native of East Texas, I've wondered about these azaleas (She walks towards the camera) and wondered why they grow here, and what makes them so interesting. (She is very close to the camera now) I feel like I'm going closer... (Blooper Cut)

Adam: Oh, right there. That's great. (Blooper Cut)

(Maddison scratches an itch. She then tucks the script into her jacket)

Maddison: Can you see it? (Blooper Cut)

(Adam walks into the shot and puts down a marker, apparently signaling the farthest Maddison should walk in the shot. Then cuts to a shot of Maddison swatting off a bug and running away.)

Maddison: There was a bug! It was a frickin' bee!

Adam: Niiiicee... (Blooper Cut)

Maddison: And next time your friends are having an interesting conversation about it... (Blooper Cut) Down? (Plays around with microphone. Adam walks into shot and adjusts microphone. Blooper Cut) So now you know all about the azalea trail. And next time your friends are having a conversation about it, you can chime in with some interesting tidbits. This has been Maddison Atkins reporting to you from the azalea trail in Nacogdoches. (Smiles) Back to you Bob. No? Too much? Okay (Giggles)

(Cuts to a shot of Maddison and Adam getting out of her car in front of her house)

Maddison: I'm gonna go change... do you just wanna wait here?

(Maddison walks into her house. Camera pans to a pigeon waiting outside her door)

Adam: Is that a... pigeon on the sidewalk?

Maddison: I dunno. I'll just be a sec.

Adam: Do you have any crackers or bread?

(Adam puts down camera and walks into the shot)

Adam: (Whispering) There's a pigeon. I'm gonna catch him. (Sneaks up to pigeon) I'm really close... (Catches it and walks it back over to the car). I caught the bird. Dude... what do I do with him? Sta- Don't... He wants to fly away! Do you pet birds? (Pets the pigeon) There's a note! (Points to bird's feet, then plays around with the bird a bit more.)

(Maddison walks out of her house)

Maddison: Okay, I'm ready. Let's go. Are you touching that bird?

Adam: Come here, check this out. I'm getting some great footage.

Maddison: Are you using film? Adam...

Adam: There's a note! On this bird.

(Maddison walks over)

Maddison: Oh... my god. It's not ours, just put it down.

Adam: Shh... for real. I wanna document this.

Maddison: Oh my goodness... just put it... just put it down.

Adam: No, I wanna read the note. Go get some scissors.

Maddison: No.

Adam: Yeah, hurry up. We still have to edit our segment.

Maddison: Ugh. (She walks back into her house)

Adam: It's a bird... with a note! There's a note on this bird!

(Maddison comes back outside, holding scissors)

Adam: You shouldn't run with scissors.

Maddison: (Sarcastically) Ha ha ha. Here.

Adam: Cut it.

(Maddison attempts to cut the note off the bird. Adam continues petting and playing with it)

Adam: (To bird) It's okay. (To camera) Come here, I wanna get this.

(Maddison drops keys and sits on the sidewalk. She unravels the note.)

Maddison: There's just... dots on this side. (She flips it over) It has my name on it.

(Camera follows bird as it flies away. Still shot of first side of note. Still shot of second side of the note. Text on the screen appears. It says, "If you can help")


  • The first side of the note says "maddisonatkins@yahoo.com Login immediately. You will know the password."
  • This video received an award for Best Video from an Independent Series during lg15.com's Community Appreciation Week in February 2008.