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Anchor Cove or Rancor Cove?
The Children of Anchor Cove (usually just called Anchor Cove) is a website and forum about internet video series originally created as a fan-run alternative to the official forum in September 2006. It was started by LG15 fans who migrated there when the original, official Phorum became unusable due to a lack of organization and moderation. Several of its members were instrumental in the discovery of the Creators of LG15 and Jessica Lee Rose's identity.

It was originally named "Alissa's Lonelygirl15 Discussion Forum", when created by LG15 fan Alissa Brooke on September 4, 2006. It was renamed "The Children of Anchor Cove" (or Anchor Cove for short) after the original code-name for the LG15 casting call from was revealed.

On its one year anniversary (Sept. 4, 2007), the site formally moved to an upgraded phpBB3 forum and website located at

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