2 Girls 1 Dwelling

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Episode 26/1x026
2 Girls 1 Dwelling

2 Girls - Our Space.jpg
She saw it as "our space."

Blogger Rachel
Date Posted December 27th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Length 2:33
Description So things have been perplexingly normal since Aly moved in...and that's totally a good thing.

Of course, this means I can now devote all of my attention toward "stressing out" about other stuff.

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Rachel Sara E. R. Fletcher
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2 Girls 1 Dwelling is the twenty-sixth video in the Redearth88 video series.


Rachel: So, it's been a few days since Aly moved in, and things have been excellent. It's like she just gets me. I don't even know a better way to explain it, really. And considering all of the weirdness I had with my roommate last year... and how my ex Jordan always used to say he never understood me... I think Miss Aly Zarin is doing a pretty good job, so far. Maybe I should have her compile a wiki on me and give it to people as a complete reference guide for all of my complexities.

For starters, there's something to be said for knowing when to give somebody their space. Back in college, I'm amazed that I made it through an entire two semesters with my roommate, Zoey who considered "her space" and "my space" "our space."

But even though Aly and I have much more in common than Zoey and I ever did, there are still plenty of differences. For example, Aly is way more into fashion and makeup than I am, and all of that girly stuff. In fact, the day that Aly moved in, she showed up with so many boxes that it took forever to unload the truck. Of course, it didn't help that our obnoxious neighbor Larry just stood there the whole time, not helping, and then finally asked out Aly, but got shot down...and made some horrible joke about how on the second date she would show up with a U-Haul.

Anyhow, the past week has been pretty mellow. We've just been hanging out and shopping and getting into our regular routines. For me, it's kind of nice to be working again. Although, that's not without its own set of challenges. Case in point: my boss and his wife are having a dinner party later this week, and I don't have anything to wear. More specifically, I don't have anything nice to wear. Well, I mean, nothing that's even on par with my co-workers. I'm not even sure what's appropriate or ideal, and I'm too afraid to ask anybody at work, because I already get enough playful teasing about all of the Texan stereotypes.

Thankfully, Aly has offered to help me out. I mean, given how extensive her wardrobe is, she says she's sure that there's something that will work. I can't think of anyone else that is more qualified to be my "personal stylist." And who knows, maybe I'll even enjoy dressing up for a change.

(Image of a red vial labeled redearth88 and a voice saying, "Redearth, the universe is wider than our views of it.")


Q: What does a lesbian bring on a second date?
A: A U-Haul.
In other words, Larry is insinuating that Aly/Tachyon is a lesbian.