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It's A Cult Party Crashers
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
YouTube hymnofone
Portrayed by Steve Shaheen
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Chris Lanning is a member of the Hymn of One first seen by TAAG on June 1st, 2007 in the video It's A Cult. There he was seen speaking at a HoO recruitment seminar, giving his testimony about his first time at a HoO meeting. Chris was not seen again until over four months later when he posted a video denying that the Order existed and warning Daniel, Jonas, Sarah and Sonia to stop trying to fight the Hymn of One. He also told them that the baby they thought they had rescued and Emma would not be safe from them, claiming that "They're essential notes in the Hymn, and they belong here with us." The next day, he was manipulated by Mallory into telling her that "something big" was coming up and he had been stressed about it. With this information, TAAG decided to follow Chris to a building where the Hymn of One was having a meeting in which they announced they would become partners with Verdus Pharmaceuticals and the Wyman Foundation.

Nearly a month later, when Sarah and Jonas were trapped in the back of a Lullaby Project truck after a stakeout gone wrong, Chris, along with Carl and Claudia, rescued them and brought them to a Lullaby Project encampment. While there, they were shown around The Lullaby Project's pre-natal care facilities where a baby was born. Although Jonas left, Sarah went back to the camp and has been helping there. Each morning, Chris and the other "Hymn of One'rs" have a "Song Circle" where they sit and listen to their "internal, eternal song."

Chris is also seen handing Sarah a copy of Finding the One by Rupert Van Helden, and welcoming her into the "Hymn of One family."


  • It has been speculated that Chris either was the one who beat Sonia or authorized it. This may mean that Chris is someone with high ranking in the Hymn of One.
  • According to IMDB, Chris's full name is Chris Lanning.

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