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First Appearance Last Appearance
The Ladies Room Free Love
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Rima Mahal

Videos with Claudia

Claudia works at the recruitment desk at the Lullaby Project Center. When Jonas and Sarah come to her, posing as potential new members of the project, she let's them know that what the Center does is a lot of hard work. She is later among the people who rescue Jonas and Sarah from the Lullaby Project truck.

Later, with Carl and Chris, she gives Jonas and Sarah a tour of the Lullaby Project. Also, she is among the people that picks Sarah up in the desert after Jonas leaves her there. Sarah only planned to stay for dinner, but Claudia and her friends convinced Sarah to stay.

In Missing Girl Found, Claudia is seen with Sarah, Carl, and Chris starting out their Lullaby Project day with Song Circle, something that seems to have been borrowed from the Hymn of One.

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