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Four-letter words are bad, bad words often used to express anger and frustration. These words should never be said in church. Regardless, some of the characters in the Breeniverse sometimes use bad language (especially in the Season 1 Finale; those naughty, naughty kids).

Before it was known that lonelygirl15 was fictional, some fans were surprised by the use of four-letter words, and suggested that this was a clue that viral marketers were not behind the project.

The first appearance of different four-letter words is noted below:

  • Fuck — In the video I Probably Shouldn't Post This..., in the heat of an argument, Bree yells, "There's a million fucking different religions in the world!"
  • Piss — In Learning To Drive, Daniel says he "succeeded in pissing Bree off again" after he confronts her about her upcoming ceremony. Pissed is also used as a tag on the Daniel video How Could You? when Bree cancels a date to attend the Fall Equinox celebration.
  • Shit — In the video The Ceremony, Daniel says, "Oh shit" several times. Also, Daniel's YouTube profile has always said "Favorite Music: Shit that rocks."
  • Wank — In the video Don't Trust The Authorities, Gemma said that P. Monkey is "kind of a wanker." "Wanker" is a fairly freely-used slang term in the UK. To "wank" means to masturbate. Therefore, a wanker is literally someone who masturbates. However, the term is typically used in such a way that it can be easily substituted by the word "idiot". Many fans were upset by this affront to P. Monkey (as was P. Monkey himself).
  • Damn — Daniel exclaims "Damn it!" in the video Warwalking when he's unable to find an Internet connection for his laptop.
  • Goddamn — In the video The Unthinkable Happened, Jonas whispers the phrase "Goddamn it" in response to seeing Bree's father. (This word was found extremely offensive by some.)
  • Ass — In the video Kicked Out, Jonas tells Daniel that he is "gonna kick your ass" in a game of foosball. Sarah also refers to Jonas and Daniel as "assholes" in lonelygirl15 Season Finale 1 of 12 – 8 am.
  • Dick — In the video Jonas Sucks, Daniel says Jonas is a "dick".
  • Bitch — In the video Interrogation 101, Jonas calls Daniel a "bitch". Much later, Jonas titled a video Stupid B!tch!, referring to Sarah's selfishness and forgetfulness in losing the "trait negative" serum.
  • Bastard — Although the word is not said in the video, bastards is used in the title of Lying Bastards.
  • Bullshit — In To Hell With Bree's Dad (yeah!), Daniel says that Bree's friendship is worth a lot more to him than her dad's "bullshit."
  • Slut — While making fun of Daniel and Rebecca gabbing like "old girlfriends" in Oh, The Places You'll Go, Jonas uses the word "slut". The word was previously used in the title of the Taylor video, My Sister = Slut, but was not spoken.

Lesser bad words

These words are considered to be foul by some, while many others do not consider them swear words:

  • Suck — One of Bree's earliest videos is titled My Parents Suck..., and the word was first spoken by Daniel in What Bree's Dad Said... to describe the Bree's summer camp. Some people find the term very offensive.
  • HellDaniel uses the word hell in the video To Hell With Bree's Dad (yeah!). The first time a character actually says the word aloud occurs in the video Learning To Drive. Not all people consider hell to be a bad word, but Daniel has used it quite a bit.
  • Crap — In the video The Ceremony, Daniel says, "Oh crap!" when he first spots Bree. A handful of people find this word as offensive as shit, which Daniel also says many times.
  • Caca — In the video Hug It Out, Jonas uses the word "caca", which means "poop" in Spanish and Italian.