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Iron pills are seen often in lonelygirl15 videos, and probably have something to do with the Ceremony.

In the videos

Bree takes her iron supplement pills to the park with her.

Bree is taking iron supplement pills as part of her preparation for the ceremony. This is first mentioned in the video In The Park. Daniel notices Bree taking pills, identifies them as iron pills, and asks if her dad is making her take them, which Bree refuses to answer.

Medical uses

Iron pills are often prescribed for iron deficiency anemia.

Iron deficiency is caused by:

  1. chronic bleeding (hemoglobin contains iron)
    1. excessive menstrual bleeding
    2. non-menstrual bleeding
    3. bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, hemorrhoids, etc.)
    4. rarely laryngological bleeding or from the respiratory tract
  2. inadequate intake (special diets low in dietary iron)
  3. substances (in diet or drugs) interfering with iron absorption
  4. malabsorption syndromes


Some fans have speculated that Bree is taking the supplements to stave off anemia from excessive bleeding because her ritual involves drawing blood. This rumor has not been confirmed.

It was also speculated that her prescribed diet for the ceremony was low in iron, hence requiring that she supplement it with pills. Bree has since said in the forum, "My diet was not a "diet to lose weight diet" ... it was restrictive but only to certain things. No sugar but lots of red meat. That sorta stuff," which makes this theory highly unlikely.

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