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Sacred Spirit Headquarters



Sacred Spirit is a charity organization founded by Carl. It was first mentioned in a love letter he wrote to Sarah. Fans later researched it, and discovered a MySpace page devoted to it.

Beyond Carl, there appears to be no connection to the Hymn of One or The Order. However, when TAAG visited Bunker #7, they discovered the letters SS written on a white board about the Order, leading some to believe that there is, in fact, a connection. This connection was later verified by fan Evergreen, who found out that Sacred Spirit is funding Edward Salinas's campaign.

Later, Carl was kidnapped by Salinas and held at Sacred Spirit Headquarters in an attempt to lure TAAG to him. Emma went to rescue him, and both she and Carl got out safely.

Logo from the MySpace page

MySpace Description

Sacred Spirit MySpace said:

About me:
Despite the world’s progress in technology and social advancement, humankind still suffers... Famine, disease, homelessness, violence, and disenfranchisement grow in unprecedented numbers. There are many organizations around the world that address the needs of those who cannot fight for themselves. And while their progress is commendable, it is not enough. There are too many people that slip through the cracks. Before, help was never an option. But now, it is. In the last six months, the world has turned their attention towards Sacred Spirit, a not-for-profit organization devoted to empowering those voiceless groups who, once before, could not be reached and who were once sadly forgotten. Their vision of an empowered and balanced world is reached with the help of volunteers and benefactors across the globe. Their generosity has gone a long way -- anywhere, in fact, from Meadville, Pennsylvania to Opuwo, Namibia to Luque, Paraguay. Moreover, the involvement of these benefactors and volunteers has achieved staggering results: • in September 2007, while a drought led to a famine in Djibouti, Sacred Spirit was there providing villages across the country with golden rice. • in December 2007, the Atua district of Samoa suffered 714 deaths due to an outbreak of Typhus. Sacred Spirit immediately brought volunteer doctors to the area and vaccinated the entire region, quelling the outbreak within days. • in February 2008, the Sri Lankan city of Mannar witnessed the building of 300 residential complexes to house its 12,000 formerly homeless citizens. This is just a tiny sampling of the expanse of our reach. As of March 2008, there are 127 different projects being undertaken. And that is still not enough. In the next year, we plan to move swiftly ahead. Because there is no time more critical than now. Because the need to address these problems can no longer be delayed. Because inside each one of us, a Sacred Spirit is waiting to be released.

Who I'd like to meet:
The reason why Sacred Spirit was founded initially was to eradicate poverty. Completely. Swiftly. From country to country. While some claim that our goal is a bit lofty, we claim it is well within our reach. The proof is in our record of vast accomplishments within the short six months we have been established. Therefore, the question of poverty isn't how we plan to solve it, but rather, how soon. Our success is largely grounded in our base of volunteers. Moreover, since we have broadened our scope to address disease, violence, disenfranchisement, and homelessness as well, these volunteers have become even more invaluable to our mission. Thus, it should come to no surprise that the Sacred Spirit is actively looking for individuals of high moral caliber to take on the world's biggest challenges. Most of our volunteers work in the field, anywhere from 7,000 miles away to 7 miles away. Yet, a core group of Good Samaritans fill our Los Angeles main office everyday, incurring essential administrative duties. How you volunteer your time is your choice. You can offer to set up a triage station in Micronesia or you can offer to work by the phone in our main office in Los Angeles. Each carries their own priceless weight that the Sacred Spirit cannot thrive without. Summer internships for college students seeking credit are also available. Please email us at today to review your options. It's an exciting time to be part of something beyond ourselves.


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