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First Appearance Last Appearance
Home Invasion Season One Finale: Day of Atonement
Character information
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Rami Perlman, Josh Eichenbaum, Barry Davis, Frank Zajaczkowski, Miles Beckett, Greg Gallows, David Zahedian

Videos with Thug

Thugs are hired hitmen who do the biding of various members of the Order. They were first seen in the video Home Invasion, where they broke into Jonas's parents' house and demanded that Jonas give them Emma. Presumably, these thugs were hired by members of the Order who were trying to keep Emma from the rogue Elder.

Thugs have also been seen in the video Is This The End?, where they worked for LaRezisto to keep TAAG from rescuing Emma. They were also seen in the videos Corporate Thugs Are Stalking Us and They Shot Him!, now hired by Verdus Pharmaceuticals (a front for the Order). In that video, they kidnapped Dr. Calvin Hart, who was betraying their secrets to the public and working to save Emma.

Several thugs also appeared in the season two finale, in which they tried to stop the TAAG from rescuing Emma and later trying to stop Dr. Calvin Hart.

A thug appeared at Jonas's house to retreive Jonas for the Order as well. Lucy was with him.

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