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Lonelygirl15, or LG15 for short, is the longest running and most popular web series on the internet, ranging in over 60 million views in it's highly publicised first season broadcast run.


In June 2006, a young avid blogger by the name of Bree Avery began posting short, yet highly information, video blogs to internet about everyday life in a small town. The videos, under the epinomous username of "lonelygirl15" took youtube by it's arms and legs, grasping most of the community and bringing in a large fanbase into this lonely teens life. She was a religous child, following the beliefs of a religion known only by those who supress it, making it hard for the outside audience to tie in. But that wouldn't stop them from discovering the secracy that revolved around her ever so shadowed life. Soon, fans connected with Daniel, one of Bree's closest friends who began appearing in more and more of her videos on a daily bases. It was clear that the two had feelings for one another, yet neither knew how, or if, to express them. It turns out, Daniel also had second thoughts about what he believed to be a cult - learning that most of what everything Bree would keep hidden from us, motioned through a dangerous marked followed cult began by ALeister Crowley in the early 1600's. With this information in hand, the community did whatever they could to stop their friend from going through with an infultrated narsastic relief in which she had been chosen for. This gathering, also referred to as a ceremony of sorts, brought in young tenaged girls who have been followers of the Hymn for most of their everlasting lives, and whom were chosen under confliction of their spiritual status. Soon, even Bree became suspicious, and sought through the teachings of both her parents and everything she had learned to know and love. The Hymn of One was no ordinary religion, it was a highly decable front for the Order - the world's most assasnated evil novelties built on taking the blood from woman born with a special trait (trait positive), allowing it to be transfered into their leaders, otherwise known as The Elders, for eternal life. For months, Bree, Daniel, and the many friends they took along with them (Jonas, Taylor, Sarah) ran from their everyday lives into a forshadowed world of love and hate. All they wanted was a normal cycleto follow by, but what they got, was a devestating entrance into a fragment known no other than hell on earth. Soon, the group discovered a research scientist (Spencer Gilman) who's father had been recorded into history as the only man with the powers to create a serum that could simply tranfuse the blood from a trait positive girl, such as Bree, forth into it's untaitened form. But for sme reason, Bree wasn't seemingly on the same page as the others. She had run away, on her own. Disappearing from those who truely cared for her along the way. In the season finale of Season One, the revelation had been forseen: Bree had decided to do the ceremony, willingly, to save her frieds and give them the normal lives they had been dreaming of for the past 12 months. Her blood was drained, her eyes were shut, her life had ended. And with it, went the feelings that these 6 teens had felt from the very beginning. SHe was the chosen one, and the chosen, she remains.


The ceremony is at 4PM today. Taylor wants to go with the boys to save Bree.
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While the car's batteries need fixing, the clues are being decoded.
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A high speed chase - the TAAG vs a Watcher!
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The TAAG is trapped in a warehouse and needs some outside help.
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IRC Chat
Nikki B. interacts with fans in the IRC chatroom.
Nikki B. retrieves a Deep Throat drop while the kids are trapped.
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Nikki B. to the Rescue!
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Daniel has another chat with Deep Throat.
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The TAAG try to decipher Deep Throat's numbers in an empty hanger.
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At the site of the Ceremony, the TAAG run into trouble.
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Taylor tries to comfort Jonas after a Shadow stabbed him.
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As Jonas is being treated by Spencer, a lonely girl meets her fate...
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TAAG mourns over the loss of Bree.
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Daniel receives a final message from Bree.
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The Announcement

InsideLG15 said:



On Friday, August 3, 2007, we will have our Season Finale of Season One of Lonelygirl15. It’s what you all have been asking for, and a reason why we have been so busy. We will upload 12 episodes, one per hour, over the course of 12 consecutive hours. Also, comprehensive catch-up video will be available online two days prior to the Season Finale Event.

So grab your popcorn, tell five of your friends, and join us for this day long event! Oh yeah, Season 2 starts the following Monday [August 6th, 2007].


Miles, Mesh, Greg, Amanda, Kevin, Jan, Ross, Jessica, Yousef, Jackson, Becki, Alexandra, Maxwell, P. Monkey, and Owen." [1]

Press Photos

To help generate publicity for the event, lg15 released a number of MySpace badges, as well as photo outtakes, on their blog.