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Welcome to LGPedia

Welcome to the LGPedia, an online encyclopedia designed around the on-going lonelygirl15 series. This is a wiki, which allows anyone to edit it, including you. This means that we can provide the most complete, accurate information which will update as the series does.

Who is this lonelygirl15?

Lonelygirl15 began in May 2006 on YouTube when a young girl named Bree started posting videos about her life, her religion, and her relationship with a boy named Daniel. The videos quickly grew to have a huge following, but fans began to suspect that Bree was not real. After a lot of sleuthing fans of the series discovered that Bree was in fact an actress, played by Jessica Lee Rose and that the show was a production.

Since the reveal, the show has continued with new videos released several times a week, new characters and even an Alternate Reality Game. While the videos still appear on YouTube, the show is now hosted at lg15.com. Many fans of lonelygirl15 have created their own stories, and in addition to the lonelygirl15 canon there are numerous fan fiction series.

The LGPedia attempts to document it all: the story, the characters, the fans and what's happened behind the scenes. If you are unfamliar with the lonelygirl15 story, please feel free to examine The Story So Far... to gain an insight as to what has happened so far in the series. There are well over 600 LonelyGirl15 videos now. LG15 came to a close on August 1st, 2008, during The Ascension.

Who is KateModern?

Thanks to the success of LG15, the Creators managed to strike a deal with social networking site Bebo to develop a similar series for the UK market. KateModern exists in the same universe as Lonelygirl15, but is based in London; according to Miles, "The characters 'can' communicate with each other but it remains to be seen how much they will. Things like the Order, the Hymn of One, and all of that larger mythology will be in both series to varying degrees. Think of it like, the Order, HOO, the stuff about the blood, the girls, the Elders, etc. etc. are all the same across both shows. But, the characters and plot are different. [...]"

KateModern's first video was released on July 17, and grew a large and loyal fan base across the pond in the UK with the help of Bebo. The series evolved over its 2 seasons which spanned about a year of actual time. The show racked up over 300 webisodes during its run. The series came to a close with The Last Work on June 28th, 2008, though it seems likely we have not seen the last of some members of the KateModern gang. Only time will tell.

What is Community Content?

Community Content begins with YOU! With encouragement from The Creators and easy access to quality cameras, sophisticated editing programs, and multi-media platforms such as YouTube, we are all creators now! Many users have already added creations of their own to the community. Most of these contributions take the form of videos, but also branch into audio, written content, and even live action interactive ARG's. There are many community video series that you can contribute to [1] and there are lists of pages that need additional work [2]. If you want to find a particular series visit the Community Content page.

How to contribute

If you'd like to contribute, we encourage you to create an account with LGPedia. It's very quick, easy and free.

If you've never contributed to a wiki before, you can try playing in the sandbox. If you comment on any talk pages, please try to remember to sign your posts by typing ~~~~ after your post. If you see any vandalism, please revert it by following these instructions.

Also, be sure to check out the help page for the basics of editing a wiki. Once you're familiar with wikis, you can visit the Community portal for ideas of where to help out. If you're planning to do any extensive editing, please check out the style guide for tips.