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The Last Work was an event in the KateModern series which took place Saturday, June 28th, 2008, coinciding with the series finale. Starting at 12PM British Standard Time (4AM PDT, 7AM EDT), videos were posted every hour, on the hour, for twelve hours. There were also several in-character interactions interspersed with the videos' release.

The event no doubt was orchestrated in part due to the success following the KateModern Precious Blood event.


Videos officially started at 12PM BST (7AM EDT, 4AM PDT), with one lead-up video at 11:30BST, and are listed below:

Grinstead's worried.
Gavin's big escape.
Live Chat

The gang is reunited... for a minute, at least.
Lauren gets out of control.
Live Chat

Patient #12 is revealed.
Julia comes to her dad's rescue and murder's afoot?
Live Chat
Chat - 4PM BST.jpg
The third live chat is held. Sophie's office is attacked.
Watch at or discuss at forum

The aftermath of the last chat...
Some big news, an address, and a missing person.
Bring the painting or Julia dies.
We finally discover the truth about Kate's background.
Live Chat
The fourth live chat is held.
Watch at

Julia's baby has an interesting history.
Are you afraid of the dark?
New motto: never finish people off?
Live Chat
Chat - 11PM BST2.jpg
The fifth live chat is held.
Watch at

The very last work.
Live Chat



Six chats were scheduled throughout the day at the following times: 12PM BST (7AM EDT, 4AM PDT), 2PM BST (9AM EDT, 6AM PDT), 4PM BST (11AM EDT, 8AM PDT), 8PM BST (3PM EDT, Noon PDT), 11PM BST (6PM EDT, 3PM PDT), and 12AM BST (7PM EDT, 4PM PDT).

The live chats were recorded and posted as episodes on the KateModern website, with exception to the 12PM BST chat, with members of the crew in the text chat citing technical difficulties as the reason.

As a response to the text chat (and several failed attempts at strikes), crew member Kelly put up a garden gnome from the series up for auction on eBay.


Sophie appeared for the first chat, alongside Charlie and Lee. They discussed how Charlie and Lee finally heard word from Steve, Lauren, and Toe and how those three were on their way back to London. They also asked for theories regarding Patient #12, how to get in touch with Gavin, and whether or not to trust Julia again. Charlie also explained that her recent arrest and time in jail will prevent her from wanting to go back to France in the near future.


Sophie hosted the chat again, this time with Toe. Not much plot development actually happened, Toe denied fancying Lauren, and flirted with Sophie, much to the hilarity of the chat room, with Toe asking which girls would marry him and which guys would have him in a fight. At the end, Toe left taking a carrier bag with an Apple logo on it to the annoyance of Sophie, before the video cut.


Sophie was joined by the members of The Celestial Network, fronting questions for Meryl. A few minutes into the questioning, the office was broken in to, and they were attacked by someone in a suit. The video ended abruptly with Sophie screaming for help.


Rupert and Steve joined Sophie in her office. While Sophie wished to console the K-Team over the discoveries in the most recent video, Rupert was more concerned with saving Julia and the baby. He had received a puzzle from the Shadow, which Sophie posted to her blog and asked fans to help solve it. It was eventually resolved that the puzzle's answer was a Brewery above the office and Rupert and Steve raced to save Julia. Rupert left a final warning to Steve not to film their encounters with the Shadow.


Starting 30 minutes late due to unfortunate technical difficulties (Sophie ended up at a colleagues' desk), Sophie fielded general questions before Lee, Gavin, Charlie and Lauren arrived. Questions continued, including details of Lee's collection of 52 gnomes, the fact they didn't pick up the tape seen in the 11PM video, and Happy Birthday was sung. Sophie rejected calls for a dance off, and they all soon left to see Steve, who called up mentioning a surprise. Lee promised to film whatever happened.


The cast and crew appeared in their office for a wrap party. They danced for the fans, who had been continuously requesting a dance-off during the other live chats, and formally introduced themselves to fans as their out-of-character counterparts. They answered questions to tie up loose endings and then concluded with a formal goodbye from each member.


Press Photos

KateModern released a press photo with the event, which can be seen below:


In preparation for the event, the KateModern team released a video trailer on their YouTube account, insideKateModern.

Trouble in Paris

As a lead-up to the event, there was a week-long event "Trouble in Paris", in which the characters went to Paris to help Julia. The event culminated in a contest to give away Charlie's Toyota Aygo to a lucky fan who managed to guess which character had betrayed the rest of the group.