Nikki's mom

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Nikki's mom
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Where Is Jonas? Nikki Tied Up
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Unknown

Nikki's mom, Mrs. Bower, acts as the camerawomen in all of the Nikki Bower videos. She was first mentioned in the comments [1] of Where Is Jonas?, when a fan asked who her cameraman was. However, she wasn't mentioned in an actual video until Claire's Hideout - NBR Investigates, where Nikki mentioned her mom's bad leg.

For the most part, Nikki's mom silently watches Nikki's shenanigans, but in Look Who I Found!!!, she was able help Nikki climb over Lucy's balcony.

When Nikki attempted to track down Sarah and Jonas at the Lullaby Project in Mexico, she stowed away in the back of a truck while her mom flew down there. The two successfully met up, but didn't make it to the Lullaby Project. Instead, they got stuck in Tijuana after Nikki's mom fell in love with the club scene. The two drank plenty of tequila and Nikki's mom danced the macarena with a sailor.

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