Nikki Tied Up

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Episode 26/1x026
Nikki Tied Up

Jonas + Nikki B. 4Ever!

Blogger Nikki
Date Posted February 4th, 2008
Length 4:37
Description I had no choice.
Location(s) Nikki Bower's house
YouTube Tags nikki nikkibowerreport danielbeast jonastko lonelygirl15 lg15 emma
Production Credits
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Amanda Goodfried
Camera Amanda Goodfried
Vidplay Amanda Goodfried
Story Amanda Goodfried and Alli Danziger
Editor(s) Amanda Goodfried
Nikki Alli Danziger
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Nikki Tied Up is the twenty-sixth video in the lonelygirl15 mini-series Nikki Bower Report.


Nikki: Hey guys. (winks) It's me, Nikki B.! ¿Hola, cómo estás? Buenos días. Last time we saw each other, I was headed to Mexico with my mamacita. Yes, we made it to Mexico. Phew! But (Sighs.) We didn't really make it to the Lullaby Project. I know, I'm sorry. ¡Lo siento mucho! We got stuck in Tijuana! Mom, she just- she fell in love with the Tijuana club scene. (nods) Yeah, there was lots of da-da-da-da-dun-dun - Tequila!

And so, after my fourth tequila shot, and, while mom was doing the Macarena with a sailor (does the Macarena), I started thinking about the past several months. Started pondering, soul-searching, about the road we've been down with BDJ...STMSJ... LMNOP! Daniel, Jonas, even Sarah; I miss you guys! So as mom vomited her carnitas y tamales on the stool next to me, I started thinking of the most memorable moments we've had the last several months.

(Cut to Nikki holding a stuffed lion.)

Memorable moment number 10: Daniel wearing a tank top in his Ninja film. Not so sure if that's a good moment or a bad moment, but... none the less, a moment! (points the lion's paw at the camera)

(Cut to Nikki holding a poster of the Grand Canyon.)

Memorable moment number 9. Takes place at the Grand Canyon. We're talking about our little girl Emma here, as Emma hurls herself into the Shadow (makes the lion attack a stuffed polar bear), the Thug, whatever-guy, and kills him with her bare hands. It's like the girl had super powers or something!

Memorable moment number 8: Watching the homeless guy (holds up the polar bear, now wearing sunglasses) attack Carl on the street! (makes the polar bear tackle the lion) Did you notice not one strand of Carl's hair moved? (pets the lion's mane) Hmm?

Memorable moment number 7: Watching a very interesting relationship unfold between Dr. Hart (holds up a stuffed dog, holding a rose) and Emma (Moves the dog toward the stuffed lion.), and Dr. Hart and Gina! (moves the dog toward the polar bear) Who will Dr. Hart choose? Who will get the final rose? Stay tuned next week for "The Bachelor: A Medicine Man."

Memorable moment number 6: Loose-lips Mallory making out with just about everyone she knows. (makes the lion kiss the polar bear, smaller dog, and an elephant, while making kissy noises) Watch out for the trunk. (makes the lion kiss a larger dog) You've been busy, girl. (the lion attacks Nikki) Good lord! Mallory. Slut.

(Cut to Nikki in her kitchen.)

Memorable moment number 5: Any video featuring Pharma Guy.

(Cut to Nikki back on the couch, holding the lion and the polar bear.)

Memorable moment number 4: Emma slapping Sarah after saving her from the clutches of Carl and Chris. (Makes the polar bear slap the lion while making a ninja sound.) See, I told you: don't mess with that Emma. She's super girl. (Makes the polar bear and the lion get into a fight.) She slaps people all the time! She's got some super hands!

(Cut to black.)

Whoa! (Nikki is sitting in her bathtub with the polar bear, the lion, and a dog) How'd we get in here? (looks confusedly at the stuffed animals) Huh? We must have teleported or something! Wow.

(Cut to Nikki sitting on the toilet.)

Memorable moment number 2: Seeing the Lullaby Project burnt to a crisp. (lights a match) Never really understood what they were doing down there, anyway. (blows out the match) Smells like Hanukkah.

And the number one most memorable moment is... Jonas in the bathtub! Duh. (holds up an award) Here you go, Jonas. You get the award. From me to you. And let me just say one thing: next time you're in the bathtub, don't forget your little duckies. (holds up two rubber ducks dressed as a bride and a groom) Hmm? This is you, this is me. This is you, this is me. (makes the ducks kiss and makes a slurping sound) And we'll be in the bath. It'll be that much better.

(Cut to Nikki holding a smaller award.)

And we have an honorable mention, which goes to... Well, it's a tie between the Ceremony baby and Greg Gallows! Greg, how could you?!

(Cut to Nikki in her living room.)

Well, guys, that concludes our countdown. I hope you've had as much fun as I did. Until next time, this is Nikki B. (salutes) signing off.