Robert Watson

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Robert Watson
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Paranoid Past‎ The Spider & It's Venom‎
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Age Unknown
Place of Origin En AU.gif Australia
Portrayed by Unknown

Dr. Robert Watson is a doctor at the Friendly Society Private Hospital who is overseeing the cancer treatments being administered to Mrs. Cooper. In January 2009, he writes Jayde a letter explaining that they are running out of options due to her mother's rapidly declining health and her refusal to receive treatment. He recommends a specialist named Dr. Reynolds at the Adventist Hospital, and sets up an appointment for them on March 20th, 2009. However, it is later revealed that the appointment is actually a trap set by the Order to capture Jayde, making it very possible that Dr. Watson has ties to the Order or that the letter was forged. Later on, it is implied that the letter was forged by Xavier Weave.

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