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First Video (I know, lame title) Sexy Librarian ;)
Character information
Age 16
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Unknown

Samantha a.k.a. Sam is Taylor's best friend. She was first mentioned in First Video (I know, lame title). She hates to be called Samantha. Taylor and Sam are on the same soccer team and both play forward. While Sam does not start, Taylor says that she is one of the best backups there is. Taylor also claims that Sam is the most important person in her life.

After Taylor and Sarah returned from Los Angeles, Taylor has been spending her days at Sam's place, only returning to her home to sleep, in order to avoid the activities of her mother and sister. However, Taylor later says that she and Sam are no longer as close due to what Taylor went through during the summer of 2007.


  • Since Slide Tackle was discovered on the Hymn of One website, many people believe that Sam was originally going to become a major character in the story.
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