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The Ted McKinley Memo is the memo obtained from Ted McKinley's apartment in Am I A Criminal?, and later given to fans at the San Francisco Live Event. After the live event, a pdf version of the memo went up on inside LG15.

The Memo



It has been theorized by Jonas and Daniel that there is a code in the memo that, if cracked, reveals the location of the Ceremony or other important clues. If one views the metadata of the file, one can see that part of the original filename was "memo_code" - as such, there is a high likelyhood there is indeed a code hidden in this memo. Clues so far include:

  • Underlined phrase the date
  • Italicized phrase name of war
  • The memo is in reply to a letter from October 26th, 2007

The Solution

With the help of Taylor on the forums, one of the solutions to the Memo was revealed that Olivier Henry was merely a psuedonym for William Sydney Porter. William Porter was the real name of the popular author O. Henry, who wrote such great works as The Gift of the Magi as well as The Clarion Call. The full solution can be seen viewed here [1]

Other Theories

From Annie

Theory "The World War I naval Battle of Coronel took place on 1 November 1914 off the coast of central Chile near the city of Coronel. German Kaiserliche Marine forces led by Vice-Admiral Graf Maximilian von Spee met and defeated a Royal Navy squadron commanded by Rear-Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock. This was Britain's first naval defeat since the Battle of Lake Champlain in the War of 1812 and the first of a British naval squadron since the Battle of Grand Port in 1810." wikipedia

November 1, 1914 fought off the western coast of chile in the pacific...

"Even in failure we must celebrate the DATE" November 1, 1914 was the very start or early battles faced in World War 1 that the British Army lost to Germany... Britain is our ally, so their loss is our loss essentially...

November 1, 1914 whatever day this is, will be the same day as the ceremony...

As far as locations go, i'm still doing research, but this date has got to be the key connection to finding locations and date... Type the battle of corronell it will have a connection to the war of 1812 and everything else such as battles and dates from 10 26, 1861-1914.

Ill keep you posted feel free to edit at will...

From FfejNS

Theory about "the first name of war": Mars was the Roman God of war, which the month of March was named after. Could this mean "the first of March" ?

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