Adam Lamar's Pitch

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Episode 43/3x007
Adam Lamar's Pitch

Intervention: Clara Stokes Edition

Blogger Clara Stokes
Date Posted December 2nd, 2007
Length 1:40
Description I didn't think this was appropriate to post here, but Marla swears it's ok.... She also wanted me to tell everybody "hi" from her. So. Hi... from Marla.

Tomorrow I'm shooting X it seems.


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Clara April Rickman
Adam Lamar Adam Lamar
Marla Maya Kramer
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Adam Lamar's Pitch is the forty-third video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the seventh video of chapter three.


Adam Lamar: Turn the camera on.

Clara: Alright, it's on.

Adam: Yeah, yeah it's....Is it on for real?

Clara: Yeah.

Adam: Alright.

Clara: Hey where's the year-round *something*

Adam: What in the hell are you talking about?

Marla: The Christmas tree.

Adam: Oh that's in Vegas. Ya'll don't like that? That's Wolfcreek, ya'll never saw that?

Marla: (laughs)

Clara: Hey bra, how do you like livin with the *something*

Marla: It's about to end.

Clara: What! Why?

Adam: 'cuase somebody signed them a little love lease today.

Clara: Oh I bet you're heartbroken.

Adam: Yeah, I'm heartbroken as shit. Look you need to learn to call me back when I call you-

Clara: Hey I called you back-

Adam: You called me back like three weeks later, I'm sure all your friends love you. I know Mr. Atkins does.

Clara: Oh, right.

Adam: Yeah

Clara: Okay, well what am I doing here Adam?

Adam: Well, first you're going to give this camera to Marla.

Clara: Wha, to Marla?

Adam: Yeah to Marla. I need to see your face when I pitch you this ridonkeykongulous idea.

Clara: Oh well this, this better be life changing.

Adam: Oh it's life chang-, it's life changing. And even if it isn't, you're still doing it.

Marla: Then get on with it Adam.

Adam: Hey, she owes me.

Clara: Hey Adam.

Adam: Alright, fine. You know Atks right.

Clara: yeah.

Adam: Well, he's back here in Nagadoches now. And he doesn't rap anymore.

Clara: Wow.

Adam: Woooow. Yeah, see somebody doesn't wanna do anymore Maddison Atkins stuff and spent all night crying and not sleeping.

Clara: Burn okay let's go on, let's go on.

Adam: Alright, look. Anyway you gonna do this documentary for me on X. I'm gonna be the executive producer, you're gonna be the director, and we're gonna have Marla be like you're little production slave.

Clara: (laughs)

Marla: Hey!

Adam: Pipe down you little freak.

Clara: Yeah, well, okay. Well I'll just, I'll think about it and-

Adam: No, you're not going to think about it, you're gonna do it. I got an interview scheduled at eight tomorrow with X here, so I need you here at eight tomorrow. Here.

Clara: Oh.

Adam: At eight.

Clara: Well, we'll see.

Adam: Tomorrow. Look, you're just, you're gonna thank me for this when it's over.


  • Although this is a blog by Clara, it was posted on the maddisonatkins account.
  • This video does not end with the picture of a vial.