Aly Zarin

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Aly Zarin
Aly Zarin alias.jpg
First Mention Last Mention
Opportunity Crisis! Aly Zarin!
Character information
Age Unknown
YouTube Tachyon
Revver tachyon
Portrayed by Tachyon

Aly Zarin is a professional photographer whose bag Rachel grabbed by mistake at the luggage claim after her flight to Southern California from Nacogdoches, where she was staying with her grandfather. Apparantly Aly is a very busy person, as Rachel was playing phone tag with her in an attempt to get her luggage back. Based on her name, Rachel says that she "sounds like a Russian heiress or something" (Opportunity Crisis!).

On December 11th, 2007, Tachyon released a video confirming that she was undercover as Aly Zarin to keep an eye on Rachel.

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