We Can Change the World

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Flock Video 0041
We Can Change The World

We Can Change the World.jpg
The Ceremony?

Blogger ShepherdX
Date Posted September 5th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description For Nicky.
YouTube Tags shepherdx 5on5 chosenflock lonelygirl15 lg15 flock chandra alondra alessandra cynthia liandra betsy sandra

Chandra Credit Withheld
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We Can Change The World is the forty-first video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It is the fifth video in the 5on5 season finale.


(ShepherdX symbol flashes. Cuts to clips from previous Chandra videos.)

Chandra: But I need to let all those girls know, the next time there is a Ceremony, that spot is mine. That's right. They picked me.

(Image of Chandra's YouTube profile. The words "Denver, Colorado" are underlined. Cuts to a city skyline, someone walking down a sidewalk, through a set of potted plants. Person dials a phone. Waits in elevator. Two men leave the elevator together. More footsteps. A blonde nurse is seen through a window. More footsteps. Another nurse ties a man's arm to get him ready for injection. Someone holds Chandra's hand comfortingly. Heart monitor failing noise is heard. Crashing and gunshots are heard. The heart monitor detects a signal again. ShepherdX's logo appears.)