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Flwright, an early fan of lonelygirl15, posted the following insights into Bree's location at the Phorum on August 28th, 2006

Flwright said:
Here are some thoughts about her location:

1) The bedroom provides clues that she lives in a typical mid-priced, low rise apartment building, rather than a single family home or a really fancy apartment. Hardwood floor, simple baseboard and door trim, and no trim around the windows. There is one large sliding glass window . The walls are simple white and off-white.

2) Her room is at the end of a corridor and adjacent to another room, most likely a bedroom. This implies a building with a total depth of around 26'. By the furniture size and placement, the room is approximately 12' x12'.

If you were to stand by the door and look in, you would see a bed in front of you, a desk at the far right corner, dressers and the window to your right. Immediately to your right as you enter is a nook for a bookshelf and a closet with a mirrored glass door.

The bathroom very likely shares a common wall with the back of the closet. The wall opposite the entry door has no windows, which implies another apartment unit shares that wall. All the hallmarks of a two-bedroom apartment.

The Living room/Dining Room and Kitchen are just down the hall. The other bedroom is probably her parents' room. It's impressive she's kept all of this from them. Is it possible they really do know?

3) I think the window faces westerly, given the low direct sunlight that frequently comes streaming in. An easterly facing window would cast a similar light, but would be pretty dim after midday. The window placement and the mirrored closet account for the "professional" lighting. The quality of the light can be pretty bright and non-diffuse.

Assuming I'm right, if the lighting appears cool, the vlogging is done in the morning or it's overcast (which seems rare so far). If the light is warm/bright, it's the afternoon. If there's sun coming in the window, it's late afternoon.

That golden afternoon light is also great for still photography, so shes in a nice place for still photography (hint hint) if she stops vlogging.

4) Because of the sunlight, the bedroom would be pretty toasty by the afternoon in the summertime. Sometimes the window is opened and you can see the breeze, sometimes there's a hint of passing clouds. I have to assume the apartment is air-conditioned. Although there might be a baseboard radiator under the dressers, it's more likely a forced air system that provides heating and cooling. The climate appears to be temperate/moderate. This could be because of latitude, altitude, or both.

5) There are lots of clues to crack in the "Let's Go Hiking" Video. There's a dandelion at the very start (an early summer plant) and long grasses turning brown, so it's past spring and it wasn't a particularly wet spring. The brightly colored red and pink flowers are probably a variety of Morning Glories, which do occur naturally as well as in gardens, and start blooming around July 4th. I believe their natural range stops in the Rockies.

There are very few coniferous trees or shrubs. The lack of conifers is significant. Conifer forests are more common west of the Rockies, deciduous east of the Rockies.

This doesn't appear to be a serious day hike, complete with boots and backpacks, but they are in an area with exposed bedrock, small cliffs, and, of course, mountain streams.

I think this all points to a hilly temperate climate zone, somewhat dry, with mostly clear daytime sky (not much pollution).

Perhaps Jared Diamond or another good geographer could help?

Back to Work, FLWright

PS Bree and Daniel live in different buildings. His appears to be an apartment too, but there are not as many clues. His room is carpeted.
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