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t was a mysterious poster on the Phorum who began posting supposed clues as to Bree's real identity on August 31st, 2006. The clues pointed to the actress playing Bree as having lived in Miami, Florida before moving to California in the spring of 2006. t sought to give validity to his claims by using his web of MySpace friends to post messages on each other's boards, seeming to tie both each other together and to lonelygirl15 herself, who also posted to one or two of them. He also threw in a clue seeming to implicate one of the creators of YouTube as being connected. On or about September 5, 2006, "t" claimed that due to pressure from those behind lonelygirl15 and his non-disclosure agreement, he had to stop posting clues. In fact, it turned out that Phorum poster HyeMew, through various means of deception including the creation and operation of the Danielbeast page on MySpace, determined that "t" was fake, and all of his clues were hoaxes.

t's greatest accomplishment was diverting the attention of Phorum sleuthers, who were spending inordinate amounts of time trying to find out the truth behind the project (instead of focusing on the mystery of the plot). In fact, it is believed that t went to the Creators to try to get them to endorse his hoax to delay Bree's discovery.

t's real significance is his position as the first LG15 fan to spend significant time trying to deceive fans into believing he was connected to LG15, and thereby divert some of LG15's growing fame to himself.

An example of one of t's clues in the old Phorum:

t said:
all i can give you

Posted by: t (IP Logged)
Date: August 31st, 2006 08:47AM

real first name: Kylie
DOB: oct 13 1985

born in Manukau, New Zealand.
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