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Terryfic was an early LG fan that somewhat accidentally ended up being involved in several prominent events in Lonelygirl15’s history.


Terryfic was one of the early fans at the original Phorum who actively tried to solve the mystery of who Bree really was. In an early attempt to prove if these videos were commercial or not, he spoke with a number of the artists at ccmixer whose music was featured in LG videos confirming that Lonelygirl15, didn’t at that time, have the commercial rights to use these songs for profit.

On August 19th after learning of LG t-shirts being sold on CafePress, Terryfic searched international trademark databases to see if the names lonelygirl15, LG15 or danielbeast were trademarked. Upon learning they were not, he messaged Bree informing her of the t-shirts and suggesting she apply for a trademark. On August 21st Kenneth Goodfried filled for the lonelygirl15 trademark.

Terryfic was briefly involved with the Phorum 3 and their IP sting, but left before the CAA link was discovered due to moral issues with the nature of the investigation.

Terryfic also helped with the decidedly short investigation of Nikki Bower. After the discovery he made the video that accompanied Milowent’s blog.


Terryfic was one of the first members of the original Phorum joining as the 29th user. He joined the new forum as the 4th user – second only to the admin.

Upon the Creators posting their famous A Message From The Creators he was the first to make a positive reply thanking the Creators for making the series in the first place. After Alissa Brooke turned down the position he was asked to become the first moderator for the new forum. Later he was promoted to forum administrator and reigned for several weeks as Bukanator III until he passed the position off to TWJaniak.

Terryfic helped in initially setting up and encouraging the migration to The Children of Anchor Cove message board and remains the administrator of it.


Terryfic has made a number of videos about LG from a couple different YouTube accounts.

YouTube Auteur
Nikki Bower Exposé
LonelyGirl15Recaps Series
The LG (Received an award for Best Comedy Video during lg15.com's Community Appreciation Week in February 2008)


Terryfic has been quoted twice (July 28th & Sept 7th) by Virginia Heffernan in her blog Screens. He was also interviewed by Colin Campbell on NPR about his thoughts on lonelygirl15. An audio clip from his video YouTube Auteur was included in the piece.

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