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gohepcat is YouTube user Stephen Hill, who posted the first major video doubting Bree's existence, on July 20, 2006. He was referenced repeatedly by Virginia Heffernan in her blog on the New York Times website, and was also quoted by Jon Fine in Business Week. Gohepcat later changed his mind and began to believe Bree is real. In one video, he offered a $53 reward to anyone who could prove that Bree was fake. It is unknown if anyone collected this reward, nor if anyone really deserves it because the eventual outing of lonelygirl15 was such a combined effort. After the Creators and Jessica Rose were "outed," gohepcat made a video congratulating the Creators on their project.

By the summer of 2007, gohepcat had removed all his lonelygirl15 related videos from YouTube.

The Hunt For Bree
Early Cast and Crew Yousef Abu-Taleb · Miles Beckett · Mesh Flinders · Greg Goodfried · Amanda Goodfried · Jessica Lee Rose
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