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First Appearance Last Appearance
They are after me for what I know #56 The Gaylien Relationship Fix
Character information
Age 38
YouTube LordGreystoke422
Revver LordGreystoke422
Portrayed by Unknown


LordGreystoke422 is a fan of lonelygirl15 and cassieiswatching who has made a number of response videos following the series. He is the most prolific video responder, having well over fifty videos. Most of his videos take place within the Greater New Orleans area. They revolve around his pursuit by mysterious people which may or may not be related to OpAphid and the Order of Denderah. He has also been a rather prolific forum responder before his "ordeal" began. A Katrina survivor struggling along with the rest of the city, he sought some diversion in the Lonelygirl15 series. A few e-mails from a mysterious figure that he refers to as G-mail Frank quickly changed a simple diversion into an ordeal that utterly changed his life turning him into a fugitive. He is accompanied by his dog, Gabriel, which was found during his time hiding out. LordGreystoke422 has utilized a varied array of different gear and technologies in order to defend himself, remain connected, and to make his stay more comfortable despite the harsh conditions he is living in.

LG422 and G-Mail Frank

His first two videos, #1 They Are After Me For What I Know! and #2 Corrections On The Run were filmed nearly simultaneously, and dealt with the series of e-mails from Frankiswaiting@gmail.com. In the first video LG422 tells us he thinks he is being followed and believes it may be over what he has figured out from the e-mails from G-Mail Frank. It seems that the e-mails point to certain passages from the Book of Law and LG422 relates which ones in his video. At the end of the first video, it seems that LG422 meets his pursuers up close for the first time and a chase ensues. He narrowly escapes and posts his second video telling what happened along with a correction to passages that G-mail Frank corrected him about in an e-mail as he was fleeing. In #3 Tarzan and The Light of Geometria. WTF? LordGreystoke422 tells us that he has found an abandoned hurricane-ravaged house outside New Orleans to hole up in and talks about a probable typo by G-mail Frank that more than likely meant Gematria. In #4 A Question for the Venetian Princess LG422 shows us possibly the first glimpse of his varied sense of humor, in which he makes a joking response video to a very popular YouTube video producer, Venetian Princess. Gabriel is introduced for the first time, in #5 My Hero Deserves a Name, where LordGreystoke422 asks the public to help find a name for his hero.

LG422 and OpAphid

LordGreystoke422 mentions OpAphid for the first time in his video, #6 Who is OpAphid/WWF Audition, after OpAphid makes claims of the attacks on LG422 in his YouTube video comments. LordGreystoke422 proposes that maybe remote viewing is the means through which he is being tracked for the first time in #7 Remote Viewing. He suggests that OpAphid is canon based on timing of LG15 videos being posted and their own video in #8 OpAphid Confirmed?.

LG422 protects himself

LordGreystoke422 films #9 Dead Safe? in a New Orleans cemetery in order to test a theory for blocking remote viewing. #10 Greystoke Emergency Video sees LordGreystoke422 introduce us to the fact that the people after him may be mind-controlled. He demonstrates a way of creating some very crude shielding in #11 FaraWhat? Monkey in a Cage as well as some of his self-effacing deadpan humor. Having wielded a few different weapons in many of his early videos, LordGreystoke422 takes the time to go over them and discuss their safe handling in #12 Guns for Safety. In #13 Greystoke Channels the Dead LG422 acts as if he is channeling the spirit of the late Sam Kinison to voice an opinion over the alleged death of Blogspot Frank and cassie's move into Second Life. The ZombZ are talked about extensively and LG422 makes some incriminating admissions in #14 ZombZ R Us. LordGreystoke422 shows us some of the gear he used to live post-Katrina in the wreckage of New Orleans that he also utilized to hide out in comfort in #15 Greystoke GearZ.

LG422 and the MoonDog

LG422 announces his decision on his dog's name in #16 Tarzan's GuardianAngel. #17 Secrets of Denderah Revealed shows LordGreystoke422 revealing a little too much (how the HELL does his stomach do that!), where he makes a parody video relating to what happened at the Ceremony between Bree and himself. It is this video that helps to coin the nickname MoonDog (derived from Moonchild) for Gabriel. Gabriel was a stray found wandering in a desolated and destroyed area in the Greater New Orleans area by LG422, while scavenging for supplies in wrecked buildings. Gabriel though still a puppy seems to be rather intelligent and is extremely friendly to almost everyone. He was approximately 6-8 months old when he was found. Gabe is a mixed breed and looks like a small version of a Rottweiler which is definitely in his lineage. Additionally, Gabriel has a keen sense and seems to be able to detect some difference in those people pursuing LordGreystoke422. It is Gabriel's keen senses that have helped to keep LordGreystoke422 from being caught unaware by his pursuers and captured or possibly worse.

LG422 and the Order

LG422 displays a new emotion on video as he gets word of his friend Barry, the FBI agent in #18 News on the Fed. This sees further confirmation by LG422 as to the Order having compromised law enforcement agencies. The connections grows in #19 Texas Crossings as LG422 talks of competing factions and possible connections between OpAphid and Lucy and the Order because of the maps that Daniel found on her computer of Texas which was where his friend Barry, the FBI agent was stationed at the time of his death. LordGreystoke422 makes a lot of connections related to Aleister Crowley with regards to Jimmy Page and New Orleans and San Antonio in #20 An Absinthe of Clues. A correction of the pronunciation of Crowley's surname is given in #21 A Man Named Crow-Lee.

LG422 completely loses Brucker's ability to follow the plot...

LordGreystoke422 turns (probably stomachs) in #22 Greystoke Turned to the Darkside. LG422 takes to the streets of the French Quarter and Old Absinthe House as he is #23 Desparately Seeking Crowley and any clues that might be associated with him. 'Stoke responds to an e-mail from #24 Frankiswaking! My Newest, Bestest Fan! in his own unique way. #25 Tarzan on the Light of Gemma(tria),etc has LordGreystoke422 commenting on the advice of others such as Gemma with regards to Bree's confusion. In #26 The Moon Doesn't Suck Eggs LordGreystoke422 cautions Bree that her decision to not go through with the Ceremony may not be the end of things. We are introduced to a guest host for #27 Proving Science Wrong-Special Edition and birthdays will never be the same. LG422 spoofs Bree and an oft used scam in #28 The Longitude of Nigeria. The importance of apologies and their acceptance, even from parents, is discussed in #29 Latitude Apologies. LordGreystoke422 attempts to call OpAphid in #30 For a Good Time Call and coins his famous nickname for OpAphid. #31 LordGrey Eliminated on the Sabbath pokes fun at frankiswaking and his threats. LG422 provides a response video to Paul and Andrea of Paulmark18 on ways of #32 Foiling the Black Lodge. Grey gets a reading in the French Quarter, a bad reading, that ultimately tells the future in a strange way in #33 LordGreystoke lives by the Sword-9 of them. OpAphid posted on their page that a field trip was planned with Pizza and Ice Cream to torment LordGreystoke however, as shown in the video #34 I Scream for OpAphid this offer was quickly rescinded by OpAphid with Greystoke then turning it around in his favor. LG422 took an interest in the the YouTube HorrorFest for some reason and developed an alliance with one of the contestants as evidenced in #35 Watching Betty. In the videos #36 Ice Cream Escapes and #37 The Ice Creamer's Tale LordGreystoke422 encourages Daniel and Bree to keep moving seek sanctuary and ice cream with him in New Orleans. LordGreystoke422 shares a priceless moment with billions on the internet as he mocks OpAphid in #38 Mastering Ice Cream. #39 I Scream at the Silence sees Grey rip in to Daniel over the childish way he is acting towards Bree. After Bree and Daniel's motel room is ransacked, LG422 gives them suggestions for evasion and protection in #40 Punch and Ice Cream and #41 Ice Cream on the Whole Shell.Gemma's suspicious behavior leads Lordgreystoke422 to decide #42 No Punch and Ice Cream for Gemma..well Maybe a Punch!. LordGreystoke422 offers help and voices his support for Jonas and his offers of help to Bree and Daniel in #43 Wired on Punch! and #44 Good Golly I Scream for Holly!. LG422 makes some #45 Ice Cream Revelations about the prophecy of the cookies on 12-10-06 and wonders if the revelation we were expecting could be the departure of Danielbeast. #46 Can Dry Cleaning Remove Punch Stains? sees LG422 speaking about the hidden message from Bree's Dad and more strategies for evasion. Lordgreystoke422 revists many of his theories from the forums with regards to #47 Epogen,Blood Doping, and the Ceremony. #48 See You Soon at the Mystery Movies for a message to be revealed. Lordgreystoke422 talks about #49 Who Are You? after the startling revelation that Bree is adopted. #50 Consult with the Doctor, #51 Black Factions and #52 The Hydra Hypothesis all deal with LordGreystoke422's theories with regards to the Order and how to deal with them and their various factions such the one presented by Dr. Thomas Immant. LG422 wonders #53 Is Bree Missing Daniel or Lithium? and voices his displeasure. #54 Call to Arms..or Would That Be Feet? is a recruitment video for work on.. ehem..the LGPedia. #55 There is No Ice Cream in the Champagne Room at the Ceremony or happy endings and LG422 encourages Bree not to do it.

In addition to his dangerous exploits and helpful advice, LordGreystoke422 was kind enough to find the time to serve as the keynote speaker for the Orientation 2006 graduation ceremony of The Homeschoolers Aggregate with his memorable 18-minute video HSAO: What is Reality. It had been suggested that this was the longest graduation speech in history, but it is actually exceeded by others such as a noted 24-minute graduation speech once given by Warren Beatty. It is definitely the longest in HSAO history and may be one of the only graduation speeches involving the removal of clothing.[1]


LordGreystoke422 shares a first name with Danielbeast. He is 38 years old and resides in the Greater New Orleans area. He attended LSU for a number of years(6+) where he majored in drinking and minored in chasing women. He is trained and licensed by the state of Louisiana as a Massage Therapist. He has rather varied interests and a pretty varied knowledge base that many of the LG15 chat have become enamored with along with the colorful and often risqué way he speaks. He has an interest in the martial arts and was a wrestler through his secondary education years. He has developed a strong interest in weapons of all types and practices often with many kinds.

LordGreystoke422 Fanfiction Crossover Interaction

LordGreystoke422 has been involved in more crossover fanfiction interaction than any other LG15 fan fiction video producer. He has been mentioned by and responded to many other fan fiction producers.

  • Producers Mentioning LordGreystoke422
  • GuillotineCalamity
  • The Homeschoolers Aggregate
  • OpAphid-Posted on their Youtube Channel page that a field trip to torment LordGreystoke422 was being planned. It was also mentioned that pizza and ice cream would be provided. This posting lasted a very short time until it was replaced with a cancellation notice for the fieldtrip which LG422 captured in his video #34 I Scream for OpAphid
  • YourMomissmarmy
  • Brucker hints at certain actions by LG422 in one of his videos.
  • Other Producers Mentioned By LordGreystoke422

LordGreystoke422's Bookshelf

LordGreystoke422 often films videos standing next to a bookshelf. People in the IRC have speculated as to the nature of these books and where they came from. It was suggested that maybe they came from a library. Others suggest that the people in the IRC chat have too much time on their hands and should look at the obvious. The books are mostly paperbacks or are hardbacks with unprotected illustrators covers still intact which suggests the books were purchased. Usually there is a different book facing forward in each video filmed in LG422's "study".

Post 218

People have suggested the FBI but the Bureau is compromised as well. The Will Stealers have worked long and hard for decades and decades to place themselves where needed. The Black Lodge is for real and must be stopped. They seek not only money and power,things they have had for a while, but to control the thoughts and actions of all those that "follow" them. There is only ONE solution...Destruction..before 2014 becomes 1984. Many think it cool to join the darkness and yet still seek the companionship and friendship of those that walk in the light. This may be out of ignorance of what they have become..or design to usurp the will of others. No matter, the unbelievers of freewill must at the very least be shunned. Many of these followers think that they are still acting out of freewill yet, innocence and ignorance both walk hand in hand. Those that follow the Black Lodge have a self-loathing that creates for a weakness of mind that makes them easy to manipulate and more pliable to the mind controls of the Black Lodge. Tread lightly everywhere you go..deceit and lies are everywhere and a wrong step could cost you your individuality and your soul. What some fail to realize is that very often, the devil doesn't take it all at once, he takes it like the stock of a company, share by share, until he owns the majority and you no longer have a say. So do what thou wilt but, remember... THIS IS NOT A GAME!

Post 273

  1. 248 toad(he asked for more info)

I thought that was kind of what my 50 odd video posts were about. Granted there is a lot more that has be languishing in hard drive limbo for 2 months that needs to get out. In due time.. I have to weigh aiding others with compromising what I need to accomplish and at times its not easy. One thing that will work in our favor is that there is some factionalization within the Order of the Black Lodge. The Beast has sprung more than one head with a mind of its own and they all have different ideas. I believe possibly as far as the Lodge goes..one may have fully split to become 2 or more and now compete for the same thing though at times seeking entirely different prizes and goals. One great example of this factionalism is Dr. Thomas Immant..a head that grew in popularity and stature and is now himself very likely running for his life.


This is the name that LordGreystoke422 has given to the majority of the people that are pursuing him. It needs to be made clear that these people are not undead or supernatural in any way. These people seem to be under some sort of mind control. It has been speculated that these ZombZ are controlled by some sort of [remote viewing] type of control. They have been predisposed to this control via [Neuro-linguistic] programming and possibly by neural implants. Very likely some of the same techniques used to create zombies in Haiti have been utilized and refined and combined with other methods. LG422 alluded to these sorts of things in post218 and post 273 of the video Bree's Dad Is Dead.


Mind Control by Cell Phone

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