I've got mail

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Episode 54/3x018
I've got mail

Yay! Crossover mail!

Blogger Gregory Atkins
Date Posted February 21st, 2008
URL youtube.com
Length 3:42
Description I'm not sure why I posted this. Maybe this blog thing is catching on with me. Maybe I'm an egomaniac. That's certainly how I feel. Rachel's screen name is Redearth. A little trivia there for the masses.
YouTube Tags Gregory Atkins Unopened Mail Thank You Letter Redearth Rachel SUV maddisonatkins Redearth88 LG15 Maddison
Gregory Atkins Brad Maule
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I've got mail is the fifty-fourth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the eighteenth video of chapter three. It features a crossover of sorts with Redearth88.


Gregory Atkins: (sitting in a chair in front of a blank white wall, in the new house, holding a letter in his hand) After April, I just want you to know that I stopped doing a lot of things. I stopped wearing a tie. And, I stopped working overtime. In fact, I stopped working at all. I didn’t leave my house that much either. I have this slot in the door and the mail was just coming through every day, piling up. Advertisements, lots of advertisements, catalogs, buy a brand new SUV, and junk, and condolences. (Long pause, and then change of tact) Ehh… Publisher’s Clearing House, and just a lot of stuff. I did pay my bills. I did do that, because I automatic pay a lot of them, and a lot of bills you can pay in cash so it’s not that big of a deal. So it’s not like I completely went off the deep end. And finally, my mountain of mail got so huge that I thought, um… I’ll just put a box under there. I’m very creative sometimes. And, it’s my front door. I don’t go in my front door. Front door’s for company. I went in the back door all the time. And then the box filled up. I taped it up, moved away to this new place here, and today I decided to open that mystery box of mail. And I found this letter.

It’s from a girl that I’ve only met once, and that was on the phone. Her name is Rachel. And she had an internship out in Los Angeles, Rachel did, and Maddison was going to be a part of that. And this note is a thank you note from Rachel. It’s a pretty standard run of the mill thank you note. It says expressing gratitude for you covering Maddison’s half of the rent and bills. (Gregory gives a tight smile and nods.) Um, she gave me a little update on her life in Los Angeles. She’s a PA, which I’m assuming is something to do in the film world, or television, or something. And she’s got a link here to her video blog on YouTube. And I, you know I was thinking how different it could have been. We wanted Maddison to go to a prestigious school. You know, NYU, Columbia, Bryson. And instead she went to Nacogdoches with that (heavily sarcastic) rock star.

My wife and I did not support that. Tough love, you know? If you’re going to go with Mr. Rock Star, we’re not going to support that. And I really regret that. Cause, I look at Rachel’s life here. (Looks down at pages of the letter) Well, that could have been Maddison, you know? She could have had Rachel’s life, or she could have had a life like Rachel’s. Maddison could have been happy. She could have been a PA. (Laughs) Working out there, and (looks down a pages of the letter again) and now because of tough love. (Cut to Gregory looking at the letter again) Anyway… (Folds letter holds it up slightly) Hey Rachel, if you see this, thank you for sending this, and congratulations. I mean, you’re doing great.

(Cut to black, then the Redearth88 end tag comes up, for the first time in the Maddison Atkins series, and the voice says “Maddison Atkins the universe is wider than our views of it.”)


  • This is the first (and so far, only) Maddison Atkins video to feature the Red Vial.