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This article is about the KateModern character. For other Jens, see Jen.
First Appearance Last Appearance
Back on Brick Lane KateModern Season Two Recap
Character information
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Hannah Templeton Cox

Videos with Jennifer

Jennifer is the woman whom Gavin thinks is Kate while waiting for her to return from the dead on Brick Lane. When he sees her, Gavin chases her around the corner and tackles her to the ground. Jennifer knees him in the groin, and runs off to call the police. Though it is not explicitly stated or shown, it appears that Steve convinced her to have a change of heart, as she doesn't appear to press charges once Gavin gets psychiatric help. She was swayed to the point where she joined The Celestial Network.

Jennifer accompanies Steve, Jeremy, Balthazar, and Meryl on a day out. Steve plans to meet Charlie for their first date, but she becomes angry when she sees him with "Two Blonde Chicks" (Jennifer and Meryl), and assuming that Steve is preaching polygamy, leaves in a huff. The group spends the afternoon at a candy shop instead. Jennifer is also present at the meditation session at Charlie's apartment, who is not pleased to discover that Steve is using her home for meetings, and kicks them out.

Jennifer, like the others, was upset when Steve decided to end The Celestial Network. She commented that she shouldn't have joined a group led by someone with insane friends. While the others decide to keep the Celestial Network going, Jennifer decides to follow Steve's example and move forward with her life.

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