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First Appearance Last Appearance
The Day of the Eternal Song KateModern Season Two Recap
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En GB.gif United Kingdom
Portrayed by Louis Figgis

Videos with Balthazar

Balthazar was a member of the Hymn of One who helped set up for The Day of the Eternal Song. He is seen talking to Rupert about Julia. When Steve enters and begins talking badly about the Hymn of One, Balthazar moves to stop him, but is stopped by Rupert.

He later seems to have had a change of heart, as he joins The Celestial Network and hijacks Julia's wedding alongside Steve and Jeremy. However, when Steve gets kicked out, he and Jeremy leave voluntarily after him. He is also present at the first meeting of the Celestial Network, and acts as security and he fights to kick Gavin out repeatedly. He and Jeremy apply for jobs as Charlie's assistants, but both leave when they find out that the position is only for one person. He and several other members of the Celestial Network accompany Steve a few days later on a date with Charlie, who gets angry at their presence. He is again seen meditating at another Celestial Network meeting at the new flat, once again angering Charlie. Balthazar, like the others, was upset when Steve decided to end The Celestial Network. He commented that it was odd that Steve's friends were always filming. Afterwards, he, Meryl, and Jeremy decide to continue the Celestial Network and create universal love.

He accepts an invitation from Sophie for the Network to be interviewed in a live chat, but it is cut short when Terrence breaks into Sophie's office and terrorizes them. It is later confirmed that Balthazar was fine apart from being shaken up.

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