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Hymn of One KateModern Season Two Recap
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En GB.gif United Kingdom
Portrayed by Yusuf Pirhasan

Videos with Jeremy

Jeremy is a friend of Steve's and a former member of the Hymn of One, as well as a current member of The Celestial Network.


After Charlie's pleading with Steve to help her find Kate almost made him late to the Hymn of One meeting he and his friend were to attend, Jeremy urged Steve to hurry up. Jeremy was also present at The Day of the Eternal Song celebration at the Hymn of One London Centre. He was the first Hymn of One member to introduce himself to Julia when she arrived.

After Steve left the Hymn of One, he created The Celestial Network, and successfully convinced Jeremy to leave the Hymn of One as well and join the Celestial Network. He accompanies Steve to meet Lauren on Primrose Hill, where she acts wary towards him and gets annoyed when Steve won't send him away. Lauren later invites Steve to a The Dinner Party in hopes that he will finally get together with Charlie, but Steve misunderstands, and believes that it is a dinner celebrating the success of the Celestial Network. As a result, he brings Jeremy along, which greatly annoys Lauren and Lee, who had only cooked enough food for a certain number of people.

Jeremy is one of the cloaked figures that appears along with Steve at Julia's Wedding in order to persuade the guests that the Hymn of One was evil and spread Celestial Network propaganda. Jeremy also filmed the Celestial Network seminar that was held later that week. Jeremy and Balthazar, another member of the Celestial Network, applied for jobs as Charlie's assistants, are are caught off guard when she tells them that the position is only for one person. Neither of them get the job, and they are both later seen with Steve, Meryl, and Jennifer as they are all accompanying Steve on his date with Charlie.

However, Charlie doesn't warm up to this idea, and she and Steve get into an argument, prompting Jeremy to turn the camera away to observe a movie poster. Steve reassures him that he wants everything online, including the unpleasant things, and go out for a "pick and mix". Jeremy proceeds to follow Steve's orders, and videotapes everything he does in order to document the creation of the Celestial Network. He accompanies Steve and Charlie on their date to the park, which greatly annoys Charlie. Upon her request, Steve asks Jeremy to stop filming for the day. Jeremy is incredulous, and doesn't know what he's supposed to do, and only gets confused when Steve tells him to do "whatever he wants." A few days later, Jeremy is seen meditating at another Celestial Network meeting, this time hosted at the new flat, once again angering Charlie. Steve promises to make it up to Charlie by taking her on a fun day out, which Jeremy automatically assumes that he is going along on. Charlie yells at him, and he leaves in a dejected state.

Jeremy clashes with Steve and Charlie.

After Lauren goes missing, Jeremy is seen following around Charlie and Steve, hindering their efforts to find her. He tries to convince Steve to have a meditation session and then go look for Lauren, but only succeeds in making them both angry at him. Jeremy, like the others, was upset when Steve decided to end The Celestial Network. He, however, did not make any rude comments about Steve, wanting to stay true to his friend. However, he, Meryl, and Balthazar decide to continue the Celestial Network and create universal love.

He accepts an invitation from Sophie for the Network to be interviewed in a live chat, but it is cut short when Terrence breaks into Sophie's office and terrorizes them. It is later confirmed that Jeremy was fine apart from being shaken up.

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