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Mr. Genatiempo
First Appearance Last Appearance
I'm Back!!!! 6:00 PM
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Relationships Mrs. Genatiempo (Ex-wife)
Portrayed by Unknown

Videos with Mr. Genatiempo

Mr. Genatiempo is Taylor and Sarah's father. He is the watchman for the Zavalla cemetery where Elders and important figures in the Order are laid to rest. He is a high ranking member of the Order, and has close connections to Lord Carruthers.


He was first mentioned in Practice Sucked :(, where Taylor mentioned that he is reportedly embarrassed by his ex-wife's overbearing antics, and would actually prefer watching Taylor's soccer games from the car than deal with getting sent away from the field because of his wife's aggression. According to Taylor, Sarah and her father saw things eye-to-eye and got along "like peas and carrots." Sarah, on the other hand, describes their father as being obsessed with Taylor as well, suggesting that all they did together as a family was take "Taylor to do soccer drills at the park." It was later revealed that the girls' parents separated, having done so only a few months prior, because of their father's "mid-life crisis" involving a young lady around the age of 19.

It is during Sarah's return to Zavalla, that she discovers that her father is a member of The Order. When she confronts him about this, he then makes her keep quiet about it, or else he would kill Taylor and her mother. She becomes extremely scared and depressed, and throws herself into having one night stands with random guys. Her father allows Sarah to go out from under his gaze and back to her friends if she agreed to spy for the Order. She reluctantly agreed, and admits to Taylor that she has "done something horrible", but she doesn't go into specifics, fearing for Taylor's safety. She made to return to California with the serum, and begins to tell Emma to make her own decisions and not rely too much on Jonas's judgement. The goings-on of Taylor and Sarah's dad aren't mentioned for four months, as Taylor has taken a break from blogging in order to focus back on school. However, Taylor's dad is mentioned briefly when Taylor runs away with Jack for a short time, as she tricks each of her parents into thinking she is at the other's house.

Taylor and Sarah's dad's first appearance...

In July, while Taylor is cleaning out the attic, she discovers one of her father's old suitcases. It contains his belongings from college, including mail from the Hymn of One stamped with the seal of Lord Carruthers. Taylor is floored, and rushes to make a video even though she hasn't made one in months. As she blogs, her father (whom Taylor hasn't seen in ages) arrives at the house, walks up to Taylor and turns the camera off. He later claims that he had locked himself out of his house and had gone to Taylor's house to get the spare key. However, in the next video, TAAG breaks into Sarah and Taylor's father's home and find many items relating to The Order and Aleister Crowley in his guestroom closet, and it is later revealed that he is the watchman for the cemetary of the Elders in Zavalla, and helped orchestrate the plot with Jules and manipulated Taylor without her knowledge. Then, Taylor is kidnapped by her father and The Order, wanting Jonas in return for Taylor's life, as Sarah had let TAAG become too aware of The Order's plans.

Sarah pleads for Daniel's forgiveness, but he gives her the cold shoulder. She knocks him out with a vase, determined to keep Taylor safe from her dad's wrath. She joins her father and Carruthers, but secretly helps TAAG locate Taylor and informs them of Jonas's location on the day of the ascension, and sends Daniel a picture of him to prove he is still alive. Sarah explains that the Order believes her father to be the great leader Aleister Crowley prophesied would come, and that he was ascending to the rank of an Elder. However the attempt was foiled by Jonas and Sarah. Sarah's dad is outraged that she defied him, and she calls him "a monster" and leaves him behind in shock.

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